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Tomtom carminat live listen Radio. Tomplayer never work on Carminat Live. Is there some kind of tomtom product like tomplayer which i can install with tomtom Home. May 28, 2013 - Download TomPlayer for free. A multimedia player for tomtom GPS.

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Tomtom Carminat Renault - Update continuous
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Tomtom Carminat Renault - Update continuous
Carminat Tomtom
Updates: The SD from scratch ONLY work with Navcore 8.842 in below.
Where I can get the Carminat TomTom manually?

Where is the navcore stayed? In the SD or on the device itself?
Originally this on the device itself, and only SD files will house the maps and accessories we introduce (PDI / Jobs Sound / Photo / ...)
8.842 and lower versions can store a full Navcore in SD and boot from, so we can patch it and activate maps.
The over 8,842 versions have changed the bootloader and does not allow booting from SD, so that NO can activate maps.
What is TomTom HOME?
The application that lets you manage the SD, buy official maps and radar, install voices, icons, etc ...
How to install it?
You can install it by introducing the original SD on the PC, or from the TomTom website.
Version PC ---- Versión MAC --- Versión LINUX - Not available at the moment. Wime not detect the SD. Recommended VirtualBox or similar with the PC version

How did that version of Navcore and Map is our source device?
The Carminat: Hold the INFO / Route button. The summary screen ruta.Pulsar on joystick to the right and show the TTH dispositivo.En summary screen shows: With the SD inserted go to Help-> Info menu sistema.En section show the Connected Device data.
On the PC: With Carminat Tools you can remove and check the version ttgo.bif.
What version of Navcore and map has default our SD?
7.84x in 2009 the first units
8.84x units end of 2009
8.842 units until mid 2010 (Carminat LIVE)
The latest Carminat Tomtom units come with Navcore version 8.842 which is higher than the last to activate map
What is the latest map?
Currently 950.6493

Remember that our navcores is based on x40.
Do these maps the guide rails?
If, from 8,840 NavCore map and have it included.
What's the latest map guarantee?
We have 60 days to connect the SD to Tomtom HOME and update the map available to date for verification. Only one update is allowed.
What happens if you upgrade the first day to the modern map and get a new map after a few days within 60 days?
For that you hold with which you have.
If you can wait 55 days without updating the map, wait and run the latest map guarantee during those last days and you'll have the most current map. Do not run or to view available you allocate existing and that you can only downgrade even more out another new
How to run the latest map guarantee?
How do the backup of our original SD and it works?
Requirements: PC / MAC, original SD empty (minimum 1 GB) formatted to FAT/FAT32, TTH. Who have not passed 60 days since we started the first Carminat TomTom.
1 -. TTH Start and wait for us to detect (lower right corner appears 'Carminat TomTom') device
. 2 - Go to the Tools menu and choose 'Use Latest Map Guarantee'. In the new window, press the 'Get it Now' button. In the new window, press the 'Get it now' button in the next screen map to be downloaded appears. Click 'more info' to check the version of the map to be downloaded.
. 3 - Make backup with the 'Create backup and restore' -> 'Create Backup'
. 4 - Once done, I put the new SD empties into the PC.
. 5 - Restore the backup.
5th - Using TTH. Go to the 'Create backup and restore' -> 'Restore Backup'
5.b - Copy the contents of the 'My Documents-> TomTom-> Backup-> Carminat TomTom-> backup01-> Internal Memory' folder to the root of the new SD. If there are hidden files must also be copied.
. 6 - Enter the new Carminat TomTom SD in and it should work without problems.
Where is the file ttgo.bif?
.'s Inside the folder 'loopdir' file in the file system 'ext3_loopback' ext3_loopback file structure is:
-- [ 26] CurrentMap.dat -- [4.0K] Europe -- [ 632] DeletedPoi.local -- [3.5K] MapSettings.cfg -- [ 48] MapUserPatch.dat `-- [ 77] -- [4.0K] LoquendoTTS -- [4.0K] bin `-- [4.0K] lib -- [ 68] UserPatch.dat -- [4.0K] art `-- [4.0K] cars `-- [ 97K] thumbs.dat -- [4.0K] itn `-- [ 0] temporary.iti -- [ 16K] lost+found -- [4.0K] photos `-- [ 41K] thumbs.dat -- [4.0K] statdata `-- [ 1] disallowtrip.dat `-- [1.6K] ttgo.bif
With the new navcore file renamed loopback.ex3
We update the SD keep the old name, but those who believe SD from scratch, they created the file loopback.ex3
How do I get it to extract the file inside ttgo.bif ext3_loopback?
In windows:
Read only.
Download the application from Explore2FS

Unzip, pull it and choose 'File-> Open Image file ...' and select the file 'SD-> loopdir-> ext3_loopback' Click on the hard drive icon in the left frame and appears in the right frame content. Click the right mouse button on ttgo.bif and choose 'Export File' and save it to your hard drive.
Also can the Carminat Tools you can not remove the ttgo.bif.
In linux:
Read / Write
I copy the directory 'loopdir' to a known location. Eg '/'. I montare a directory where the virtual drive. Eg '/ vfs' mkdir / vfs value in the file system / vfs. mount-w / loopdir/ext3_loopback / vfs-t ext3-o loop I copy the ttgo.bif to root for a copy for possible future use. ttgo.bif cp / dismounted the drive umount / vfs
How to built a SD in case of loss of the original map?
How do I put new maps and active?
1. Catch an empty SD and perform a backup on it.
2. Download the latest Tomtom navcore to 8.842 Carmimnt here:
3. Extract with Winrar. Open the 'install/DS_1' folder and copy these two files:
> At the root of the SD card.
4. Extract the content of the above files directly to the root of the SD card (overwrite files if necessary).
5. Ttgo.bif Copy your file loopdir/ext3_loopbacka extracted from the root of the SD (you need to activate the maps)
On the Home screen and select Find Device Unit your SD. Go to Menu Patching TTS, and DLL PNDn Home -> Patching TTS. PNDn If all goes well will give you an OK.
7. Rename the root of the SD file '~ tsystem' a 'ttsystem'.
8. Adds the map you want to the root of the SD card.
9. FASTACTIVATE Open again. KeyGen Go to Menu -> Meta.txt -> Check for Updates in the main screen and select Find Device Unit your SD. KeyGen Go to Menu -> Patching maoas V7/V8, Radar and Voices -> Select Map Check out meta.dct selected v.8 Press Activate Map / Os will Radars On Map.
10.Ir directory 'loopdir' and Delete the file 'ext3_loopback'. Alternatively it simply delete the file inside CurrentMap.dat 'ext3_loopback/loopback.ex3'.
It is NOT necessary to delete the file whenever steer the folder on the SD of the original map.
11. The Carminat TomTom Enter and start. See that NOT work computer voices (Loquendo) despite being active.
12. Insert the SD in the PC, and start the TomTom Home. Clear the computer voices (which occupy about 30 Mb) and re-add them.
13. Check the Carminat TomTom already become a computer voices heard (Loquendo) Note: this navcore 8.84x based on x40.

How to build a new SD from zero to stupid / clueless / lazy?
Updates: The SD from scratch ONLY work with Navcore 8.842 in below.
1.-Formatting the SD (never the original)
2.- Download and complete Navcore patched from here:
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
3.- Unzip the contents of the file in the root of the SD.
4.- Copy the folder 'loopdir' of the original SD to the new SD.
5.- Download the latest map (currently 930.5604 Carminat Europe)
6.- Unzip and copy the 'Europe' folder in the root of the SD.
7.- Remove the ttgo.bif your device to the root of the SD. Carminat tools
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
8.-On the map, eg FASTACTIVATE
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
How do I install the Radar?
Radar: Download the latest version of the radars. (Files. Ov2)
Icons: Download icons for radars. Files (. Bmp)
Notices: Download sound alerts for radars (ogg file.)
These three components are available in the download section.
1. Radar Copy the contents (. Ov2) and Icons (. Bmp) into the map folder on your SD. (Iberia, Western Europe, etc..)
2. Creating a folder named 'Radar' is called in the 'Sounds' folder.
3. Notices HTML files (. Ogg) into 'Radar'.
4. Meter to Carminat Tomtom SD and Settings-> Manage PDI-> Warn if POI is next.
5. Pick radars eg 'Radar_Fijo_120'
6. Ask how many meters you wish to advise. I have it set up like this:
- Camouflaged ...................... 30 250 meters
- Fixed and camouflaged 40 .............. 250 meters
- Fixed and camouflaged 50 to 375 meters light ...
- Fixed and camouflaged 60 .............. 450 meters
- Fixed and Camouflaged 70 .............. 525 meters
- Fixed and camouflaged 80 .............. 600 meters
- Fixed and camouflaged 90 .............. 700 meters
- Fixed and camouflaged ............. 100 800 meters
- Fixed and camouflaged ............. 120 900 meters
- Stretch and doubtful ....................... 750 meters
6. Ask if the desired sound, to no, and then get a window where you select the folder Radars, and within that you choose the appropriate 'Radar__Fijo_120'
7. Asked if you just want to tell us if the radar en route. Here and to decide one if activated only alerts you if the route passes through the radar, and if not activated if it is within the area of ??influence marked by the above distances.
Do they work in our third-party applications Carminat TomTom (eg Tomplayer)?
Yes, but you look better in: Can you turn off the screen Carminat TomTom?
Yes, hold the LIGHT / DARK oscurece.Para button and restart the screen give a simple push on the same button.
What happens if I turn off the radio / carminat?
A screen showing you the time and temperature displays.

Can you turn off the voices?
Yes, hold the REPEAT / MUTE button and the user guide is quiet. Still, if the beeps will sound POI (speed cameras, gas stations, etc. ..) To turn the voices give a simple push on the same button.
Like the Navcore is updated to a new version?
When you TomtomHOME warn you that there is a new application for the device, hit update and will warn you that the next time you connect to the device SD actualizará.Es should update with the car running, you can not do in stopped and the radio / carminat automáticamenteA then just follow the pasos.Bueno, checked in my car turns off, the update so far have tried NOT change the bootloader (Start 8.0030) and once updated, if you re-enter a card with a version 'educated' navcore bottom, this card STILL working. As you can tell it's a harmless update for cards 'educated.' Os
proceso.Pantalla few screenshots of the TomTom Home

Screen Gps
Is there any way to lose the stupid card inside the car?
Indeed, there is a tremendous gap between the front of the tray and Carminat dashboard, so it is very likely
we fall out there if we are not careful.

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
How can I copy favorites from an old map to a new one?
How do I copy settings announcements Radar?
Whenever the folder with the 'last map' 'Europe' is called, you respect the favorites and settings. Therefore, be sure that the new map is called Europe.
If you change the names to maps (iberia.pna file)
- Assuming you already have an active new map 'Europe_930.5604' folder.
- Assuming that I want to copy the favorites from the original map in the 'Iberia' folder.
- Suppose you use ubuntu 9.10 (linux).
I do a backup 'loopdir' just in case.
I copy the directory 'loopdir' SD to a known location on your PC (eg '/')
I create a temporary directory where the virtual drive montare 'ext3_loopback'. Eg '/ Vfs' mkdir / vfs
Value in the file system / vfs.mount-w / loopdir/ext3_loopback / vfs-t ext3-o loopcd / vfs
MapSettings.cfg copy the map folder Donor (Europe) Europecp MapSettings.cfg cd .. / Europe_930.5604
I leave / vfs and dismount the unidadcd / umount / vfs
Copied back to the loopdir directori SD.Voy the car and I try to see if I have copied the favorites and settings POI warnings / Radar.
I followed the steps to create a card from scratch, but not working my MapShare
How to fix it?
1. Loopdir Remove the card folder created from scratch.
February. Loopdir Copy the folder and the original map of Europe from the original card to card created from scratch.
Three. Starting the Carminat and make sure we are using the map we had 'bought' and not the one we had in the original card (hold down INFO and then once to the right joystick).
April. If necessary, change to the desired Map Preferences.
May. Sure that the MapShare us longer works correctly and update the latest fixes.

Thanks for the tutorial apak