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Comment by Filip Lind

Keep the change ya fiiiilths

Comment by Rosendo Carrera


Comment by Dallas Deuce Dasani

my part

Comment by Ayjah Renee Hørtøn


Comment by mrxsrude

Comment by tr380_the_future

they gone hate even when yo eyes closed G. Been following your movement since grey goose. #WakeEmup #Bighomie #futurecollab

Comment by leezy45

love dis !!!!

Comment by Trippyy Pappi

My shit

Comment by Hakeem Shabazz

No time like the present...


Comment by Trippyy Pappi


Comment by DonRonfrmda4

dont forget tha bag

Comment by Antiquecmpgne

This my shit!!...fuck u like i love u treat u like i dont need not trying to play no games..dont care what it cost.

Comment by user554923650


Comment by user527857525

Hella hard. This mothafucka go hard. High as fuck!

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Comment by Devin Burton

This song go hard

Comment by maceazy

This my shit!!! Lito!!! #grindhard

Comment by Si Fye

Starlito Torrent




Comment by leemon8

must be shootin with they eyes closed

Comment by leemon8

all these pussy niggas takin shot

Comment by user144116883

Reup and do it Again

Comment by greatsuccess

i just wanna let it built up

Comment by shortthickness

lito is the most underrated artist out There. he needs to be bigger. love him & Trip. modern day Meth & Red!

Comment by user600921268

My shit

Comment by Joshuah Mathies

still serving out my Magnum!

Comment by Anthony Muniz 5

Re up & do it again

Comment by Anthony Muniz 5

Re Up & do it again

Comment by Pierre Jernigan 1

this is only album i bought and worth listening too in a long time

Comment by Eduardo Dasaína

u the truth homie

Comment by user924387510

appreciate the shout out lito mah D h 2.3 tbg 4 life