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Killzone, dubbed by many as the 'Halo killer'? For the PlayStation 2, was supposed to fill in that gap ' but unfortunately, the blind hype surrounding Killzone more than likely killed it. Killzone does a lot of things right, but strangely enough, a lot of the game's polish lies in the smaller details. Sep 5, 2013 - Players play as either the ISA or Helghast, with a few gameplay differences. The character model and respawn points, and the 'lean and peek'.

Long time no see :P Today I wanna ask you to help me find a certain game. I hope you can manage it. Simodrive 6sc6101 pdf file. Ok, straight to the point. I'm looking for a PC game similar to the famous Playstation exclusive - Killzone. The game has to be an FPS taking place in more or less distant future about one marine or a squad of them fighting in a war against some hostile alien race or equally hostile futuristic army. I want the game to be fast-paced with a lot of action, cuz I don't like games where you have to cover a lot and shoot occasionally. Also, the more dark the atmosphere is, the better. I hate games where the colours are bright and cheerful, I want darkness, blood and death. If you don't know what type of game I expect to see here, I give you the gameplay from first Killzone:

Games I don't wanna see here:

Free Download Killzone 2 Pc Game



Killzone 2 Pc Game Free Download

-Project: Snowblind (I'm playing it at the moment, but I can see I'm going to complete it soon)


Killzone 2 Free Download Pc

-Aliens vs Predator

My rig:

My specs:
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.6Ghz (2 cores)
Graphics: GeForce 8600GT 256MB
Graphics driver: Microsoft DirectX 10
System: Windows Vista Business 32-bit SP2

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Hope you can find something for me. I'm waiting for ideas.