Colt Anaconda Serial Numbers By Year

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Jul 20, 2014  I've been researching Anaconda serial numbers and model numbers for a while. Here's what I've been able to piece together from the Colt Date of.

  • In 1942 Colt discontinued it's large frame double action revolver, the New Service. Serial numbers ran from 'MM00001' to 'MM01000'.
  • Dec 23, 2017 - Colt Anaconda Serial Numbers By Year. Colt serial numbers?! I'm confused but it sounds like Colt Manufacturing is even more confused.
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Originally Posted by Dave Berryhill
Are you looking at it as a collectable or a shooter? I don't know what it's worth as a collectable but I wouldn't pay $800 for a coil spring Colt to shoot.
OK, let me start by saying that I am just a recreational shooter. I bought a 4' Colt Ananconda new back in the 80s and paid about $450 for it. I love that gun but I was always pining after a Python just because, well, it's a Python. So I bought a Python Elite about a year ago for about $1050. Now don't get me wrong, I love this gun too, but after shooting it side by side with my Anaconda I can feel no difference between these 2 triggers. Like I said in my opening sentence I am just a recreational shooter, so maybe I am missing some intricate sensation that an experienced shooter might pick up (I'm not trying to be a smart-ass, honestly) but to tell you the truth, I'm a little disappointed as I was expecting this smooth as silk, bathed in oil trigger pull that everyone keeps talking about. So my question (getting back to why I quoted you Mr. Berryhill) is why is this trigger on the Python, sort of a tension spring from what I can see, so much more desirable than the coil spring on the Anaconda..Sam

Feeling like Dirty Harry but prefer a Colt over a Smith & Wesson?


Well, here you go: a Colt Anaconda revolver chambered in the .44 magnum cartridge but with a 6 inch barrel rather than the more commonly encountered 8 inch (but we also have one of those for you if you prefer!)

This example of Colt’s heavy duty snake gun was manufactured in 1991, or during the second year of production (offered between 1990 and 2003). This revolver is solid stainless steel with a soft luster finish. The revolver has a dual pinned, ramped front sight with HI-VIS orange insert and an adjustable white outline notch rear sight. Gta san andreas dragon ball z mod free download pc.

It features light floral scroll engraving on both sides of the barrel near the muzzle and at the breech.

Colt equipped this Anaconda with a serrated trigger and a wide serrated hammer and fitted it with checkered walnut grips with gold Colt 150th Anniversary medallions. Complete with blue plastic Colt factory hardcase, blue Colt factory box, hang tag and owner’s manual.

Colt Anaconda Serial Number Chart

Colt anaconda serial number ranges

The trigger actions on the Anacondas are rated as very high-quality, and the heavy-duty solid construction and weight tends to absorb recoil, making the Anaconda relatively easy to shoot with heavy loads

Colt Serial Numbers Years Of Manufacture

We believe this Anaconda to be new. It is in Excellent condition with 99% of the original stainless steel finish with slight handling marks, some light handling scratches near the Rampant Colt and a light cylinder drag line. No powder rings at chamber faces or indications of firing at barrel breech or muzzle or around firing pin.

Colt Anaconda Serial Number Ranges

The engravings and stampings are crisp and clear. The grips are excellent with sharp checkering. The case and box are excellent. Mechanically, this revolver is excellent.

SN: MM75800