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Sammy Hagar discography; Studio albums: 25. Only his Van Halen albums have achieved. Which was later reworked and appeared on Hagar's full-length album of the. Oh my baby girl tamil song download.

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Sammy Hagar discography
Studio albums25
Live albums8
Compilation albums16
Video albums8

Sammy Hagar is a rock vocalist and guitarist. Hagar is known as a solo artist and a former member of several notable bands.

Hagar first came to prominence singing on the first two Montrose albums - Montrose (1973) and Paper Money (1974). Neither charted highly, but the band's debut proved to be very influential and would ultimately achieve platinum status in the United States, representing one million shipments. Hagar would then become a solo artist with Capitol Records, putting out five studio albums and a live album by 1980. At this point, Hagar switched to Geffen Records, and was far more successful with this label. 1981's Standing Hampton went platinum, 1982's Three Lock Box went gold (half a million shipments) and 1984's VOA went platinum. Hagar briefly formed a supergroup HSAS who released an album and a single, but to little fanfare.

Van halen 1984 related albums

In 1985, Hagar would join Van Halen, who were signed to Warner Bros. Records. It was under Hagar that the band would achieve their commercial peak, achieving four #1 studio albums - 5150 (1986), OU812 (1988), For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge(1991), and Balance (1995). Though Hagar's career remained focused on Van Halen, Hagar remained a solo artist also, putting out the successful I Never Said Goodbye album in 1987, and recording new songs for the Unboxed compilation in 1994.

Hagar returned to solo work in 1996 and continued to release albums steadily to a moderate success. He put together a new backing band, The Waboritas and focused his efforts on his tequila business. He would rejoin Van Halen briefly to record three new songs for a compilation - The Best of Both Worlds (2004, platinum) and to undertake an 80-date Summer tour, before returning to work with The Wabos. In 2008, he released his first solo album since 1997, Cosmic Universal Fashion. He put the Waboritas on leave; he keeps his band paid year round. Sammy then started his next project - a self-titled album with the supergroup Chickenfoot featuring Michael Anthony of Van Halen, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani who has previously played with Mick Jagger, Steve Vai and Deep Purple.

12 of Hagar's albums have achieved Gold or Platinum status in the United States, with a total of 25 Platinum certifications and four Gold certifications representing a total of 27 million shipments. Total US shipments are estimated to be well over 30 million. In Canada, Hagar's other main market for commercial success, only his Van Halen albums have achieved certification; 10 Platinum certifications and one Gold meaning a total of 840,000 shipments. Hagar's global sales surpass the 40 million mark, though his popularity is mostly centered in the United States.

  • 2with Montrose (1973–1975)
  • 3Solo and Sammy Hagar & The Waboritas (1976–present)
  • 4with Hagar Schon Aaronson Shrieve (also known as HSAS - 1984)
  • 5with Van Halen (1985–1996, 2004)
  • 6with The Hagar/Hart Project (1999)
  • 7with Chickenfoot (2008–present)
  • 8with The Circle (2014–present)

Studio albums anthology[edit]

This list chronologically displays the solo and group albums by Sammy Hagar

BandAlbumYearChart (US)RIAA (US)GuitarBassDrumsKeyboards
MontroseMontrose1973133PlatinumRonnie MontroseBill ChurchKeith SchnitzmeierAlan Fitzgerald –
Paper Money197465
Sammy Hagar (solo)Nine on a Ten Scale1976167sessionssessionsAlan Fitzgerald
Sammy Hagar197789David LewarkScott Mathews
Musical Chairs100Sammy Hagar / Gary PihlDenny Carmassi
Street Machine197985Chuck Ruff
Danger Zone198028Geoff Workman
Standing Hampton198128PlatinumDavid Lauser
Three Lock Box198217Gold
VOA198432PlatinumJesse Harms
Hagar Schon Aaronson ShrieveThrough the Fire42Neal SchonKenny AaronsonMichael Shrieve
Van Halen5150198616× PlatinumEddie Van HalenMichael AnthonyAlex Van HalenEddie Van Halen
Sammy Hagar (solo)I Never Said Goodbye198714GoldSammy HagarEddie Van HalenDavid LauserJesse Harms
Van HalenOU812198814× PlatinumEddie Van HalenMichael AnthonyAlex Van HalenEddie Van Halen
For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge199113× Platinum
Balance199513× Platinum
Sammy Hagar (solo)Marching to Mars199718Sammy Hagar / Vic JohnsonJonathan PierceDenny CarmassiJesse Harms
Sammy Hagar & The WaboritasRed Voodoo199922Mona GnaderDavid Lauser
Ten 13200052
Not 4 Sale2002181
Livin' It Up!200650
Sammy Hagar (solo)Cosmic Universal Fashion200895
ChickenfootChickenfoot20094GoldJoe SatrianiMichael AnthonyChad Smith
Chickenfoot III20119
Sammy Hagar (solo)Sammy Hagar & Friends201323VariousVariousVarious
Lite Roast2014Sammy Hagar / Vic Johnson
Sammy Hagar & The CircleSpace Between20194
Sammy Hagar / Vic JohnsonMichael AnthonyJason Bonham

with Montrose (1973–1975)[edit]

Studio albums[edit]

AlbumYearChart (USA)RIAA (USA)
Paper Money197465-


1973'Rock the Nation'Montrose
'Space Station #5'
'Bad Motor Scooter'
1974'I Got the Fire'Paper Money
'Paper Money'



Hagar was in Montrose from 1973-1975. Montrose's compilation include songs featuring Bob James who recorded with the band from 1975-1976 and Johnny Edwards who sang for the band in 1987. Concequently, not all songs on this album feature Hagar or his songwriting.

AlbumYearChart (US)RIAA (US)Release period covered (Hagar songs)Newly released songs with Hagar
The Very Best of Montrose2000--1973-1974No

Van Halen 1984 Full

Solo and Sammy Hagar & The Waboritas (1976–present)[edit]

Sammy Hagar solo/Sammy Hagar & The Waboritas discography
Sammy Hagar live at the Moondance Jam on July 10, 2008 with The Waboritas. Photo by Matt Becker
Studio albums17
Live albums6
Compilation albums12
Video albums3

The Waboritas (also known as 'The Wabos') is a backing band Hagar uses on some of his albums, but he tends to still refer to these as solo albums so they have been kept together. On compilation albums, often no distinction is made between Hagar's solo work and his work with the Waboritas so none has been made here.

Studio albums[edit]

Sammy Hagar/WaboritasAlbumYearChart (USA)RIAA (USA)
Sammy HagarNine on a Ten Scale1976--
Sammy Hagar1977167-
Musical Chairs1977100-
Street Machine197971-
Danger Zone198085-
Standing Hampton198228Platinum
Three Lock Box198217Gold
I Never Said Goodbye198714Gold
Marching to Mars199718-
Sammy Hagar & The WaboritasRed Voodoo199922-
Ten 13200052-
Not 4 Sale2002181-
Livin' It Up!200650-
Sammy HagarCosmic Universal Fashion200895-
Sammy Hagar & Friends201323-
Lite Roast2014188-

Note: I Never Said Goodbye was originally named Sammy Hagar but was renamed after an MTV competition where a fan got to pick a name for the album.

Live albums[edit]

Sammy Hagar/WaboritasAlbumYearChart (USA)RIAA (USA)
Sammy HagarAll Night Long197889-
Sammy HagarLive 19801983203-
Sammy Hagar & The WaboritasLive: Hallelujah2003152-
Sammy HagarSpecial Limited Edition (Live In St. Louis Enhanced CD2003--
Sammy HagarGreatest Hits Live2003--
Sammy Hagar & The CircleAt Your Service (Live)201578-


AlbumYearChart (USA)RIAA (USA)Release period coveredNewly released tracks
Crusin' & Boozin'1984--1976-1980No
Red Hot!1989--1976-1980No
The Best of Sammy Hagar1992--1976-1980No
Turn Up the Music!1993--1976-1980No
Unboxed199451Gold1981-19872 songs
The Anthology1994--1973-1984No
The Best of Sammy Hagar1999--1977-1979No
Masters of Rock2001--1976-1980No
Classic Masters2002--1977-1980No
The Essential Red Collection200475-1973-19992 songs
This Is Sammy Hagar: When the Party Started Volume 12016--1999-20062 songs


UK Singles Chart[4]AlbumSammy Hagar/Waboritas
1976'Flamingos Fly'---Nine on a Ten ScaleSammy Hagar
1977'Cruzin' and Boozin'---Sammy Hagar
'Catch the Wind'---
'Filmore Shuffle'---
'Turn Up the Music'---Musical Chairs
'You Make Me Crazy'62--
1978'I've Done Everything for You'--36All Night Long
1979'(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay'65--Non-album single
'Plain Jane'77--Street Machine
'Falling in Love'---
'This Planet's on Fire'--52
1980'Straight to the Top'---
'Heartbeat'--67Danger Zone
'Run for Your Life'---
1981'Heavy Metal'---Heavy Metal soundtrack
1982'I'll Fall in Love Again'432-Standing Hampton
'There's Only One Way to Rock'-31-
'Piece of My Heart'73-67
'Baby's on Fire'-35-
'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'-21-Fast Times at Ridgemont High soundtrack
'Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy'133-Three Lock Box
1983'Never Give Up'46--
'Remember the Heroes'-6-
'I Don't Need Love'-24-
1984'Two Sides of Love'385-VOA
'I Can't Drive 55'269-
'Swept Away'---
1987'Winner Takes It All'543-Over the Top soundtrack
'Returning Home'-20-I Never Said Goodbye
'Give to Live'23178
'Eagles Fly'8222-
'Boy's Night Out'-15-
1994'High Hopes'-4-Unboxed
'Buying My Way into Heaven'-36-
1997'Marching to Mars'-3-Marching to Mars
'Little White Lie'-1-
'Both Sides Now'-11-
1998'On the Other Hand'---
1999'Shag'-22-Red VoodooSammy Hagar & The Waboritas
'Mas Tequila'1162-
'Right on Right'---
2000'Serious Juju'-10-Ten 13
'Deeper Kinda Love'---
2001'Let Sally Drive (Ride Sally Ride)'-16-
'I Can't Drive 65'---Non-album single
2002'Things've Changed'---Not 4 Sale
2003'Hallelujah'---Live: Hallelujah
2004'Call My Name'---The Essential Red CollectionSammy Hagar
2005'Let Me Take You There'---Livin' It UpSammy Hagar & The Waboritas
2006'Sam I Am'---
2007'Open'---Non-album singleSammy Hagar
2008'I'm on a Roll'---Cosmic Universal Fashion
'Cosmic Universal Fashion'---
2013'Knockdown Dragout'---Sammy Hagar & Friends
'Personal Jesus'---
2016'Inner Child'---Non-album single

Music videos[edit]

1983'Your Love is Driving Me Crazy'
'Three Lock Box'Rick Sereeni
1984'I Can't Drive 55'Gil Bettman
'Two Sides of Love'
1987'Hands and Knees'John Sanborn
'Winner Takes It All'
'Give to Live'
1997'Little White Lie'Kevin Donovan
1999'Mas Tequila'
2002'Things've Changed'Gil Bettman
2006'Sam I Am'David Hogan
2008'LOUD'Andrew Bennett
'Cosmic Universal Fashion'Zan Passante & Todd Gallopo
2013'Knockdown Dragout'Arthur Rosato

Video releases[edit]

  • Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Tour (2001)
  • The Long Road To Cabo (2003)
  • Sammy and The Wabos: Livin' It Up In St. Louis (2007)

Guest appearances[edit]

1967non-album singleSamson & HagarAppears on a single released on the Ranwood label. 'Reach Out To Find Me' b/w 'Read My Thoughts'[5]
1981Heavy MetalsoundtrackSammy Hagarnew version of the song 'Heavy Metal'
1982Fast Times at Ridgemont HighSammy HagarHagar plays the title track
1984FootlooseSammy Hagar'The Girl Gets Around'
1987Over The Top SoundtrackSammy Hagar'Winner Takes It All'
1992Lone RangerJeff WatsonVocal scatts on 'Cement Shoes'
1995Welcome to the NeighbourhoodMeat Loaf'Amnesty is Granted', which later appeared on Hagar's Marching to Mars record
1997A Fistful of AliceAlice CooperGuest lead guitar on 'School's Out' - Live June 2, 1996 at Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina in Mexico).
1998Pleasure & PainRoy RogersCo-vocals on 'You Can't Stop Now'
1999Kill My BrainNick Gravenites And Animal MindGuest guitar/backing vocals on 'Bad Talking Blues' and 'Didn't You Used To Be Somebody'
2007Baghdad Heavy MetalBaghdad Heavy MetalThe track 'Cosmic Universal Fashion' was included here, which was later reworked and appeared on Hagar's full-length album of the same name.
2011Santa's Going SouthHagar with Toby KeithDigital holiday single, released in the U.S. only Volume 9 - 15 Years LaterHagar with Jesse Harms and Denny Carmassi'Fallen From Grace'. Previously unreleased demo version of the song that was officially released in the 1990 album Brigade by the rock band Heart. The song was written by the trio.
2014Shutup & Jam!Ted NugentVocals on 'She's Gone'.

with Hagar Schon Aaronson Shrieve (also known as HSAS - 1984)[edit]

Hagar Schon Aaronson Shrieve discography
Live albums1

Live album[edit]

AlbumYearChart (USA)RIAA (USA)
Through The Fire198442-


YearTitleUS Hot 100US RockUK Singles Chart[4]Album
1984'Whiter Shade of Pale'94--Through the Fire

with Van Halen (1985–1996, 2004)[edit]

Studio albums[edit]

AlbumYearChart (USA)RIAA (USA)Chart (Canada)CRIA (Canada)
5150198616x Platinum23× Platinum
OU812198814× Platinum[6]1-
For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge199113[7]× Platinum4Platinum
Balance199513X Platinum2Platinum

Live albums[edit]

AlbumYearChart (USA)RIAA (USA)Chart (Canada)CRIA (Canada)
Live: Right Here, Right Now199352× Platinum15Gold


Hagar was in Van Halen from 1985-1996 and 2004. Both of Van Halen's compilation albums also include songs featuring current lead vocalist David Lee Roth who recorded with the band from 1974 to 1985. He returned in 1996 for the first best of album that went #1 on Billboard. He then returned in 2006 and is still a member, touring with them in 2007, 2008, 2012, 2013 and 2015. Consequently, not all songs on these albums feature Hagar or his songwriting.

AlbumYearChart (USA)RIAA (USA)CRIA (Canada)Release period covered (Hagar songs)Newly released songs with Hagar
Best Of – Volume I199613× Platinum3× Platinum1986-19961 song
The Best of Both Worlds20043Platinum-1986-19953 songs


YearTitleUS Hot 100US RockUK Singles Chart[8]Album
1986'Best of Both Worlds'-12-5150
'Love Walks In'224-
'Summer Nights'-33-
'Why Can't This Be Love'318
1988'When It's Love'5128OU812
'Black and Blue'341-
'Finish What Ya Started'132-
'Cabo Wabo'-31-
'Mine All Mine'-50-
1989'Feels So Good'35663
1991'Poundcake'-174For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
'Top of the World'27163
1992'The Dream Is Over'-7-
'Right Now'552-
'Man on a Mission'-21-
1993'Jump' (live)--26Live: Right Here, Right Now
'Dreams' (live)111--
'Won't Get Fooled Again' (live)-1-
1995'The Seventh Seal'-36-Balance
'Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)'-127
'Can't Stop Lovin' You'30233
'Not Enough'9727-
1996'Humans Being'-1-Twister Soundtrack
2004'It's About Time'-6-The Best of Both Worlds
'Up For Breakfast'-33-

Video releases[edit]

YearTitleRIAA (USA)[9]
1986Live Without a Net2× Platinum
1993Live: Right Here, Right NowGold
1996Video Hits Volume IGold

with The Hagar/Hart Project (1999)[edit]

The Hagar/Hart Project discography


YearTitleUS Hot 100US RockUK Singles Chart[4]Album
1999'Code War'---Non-album single

with Chickenfoot (2008–present)[edit]

Studio album[edit]

Chickenfoot discography
Studio albums2
AlbumYearChart (USA)RIAA (USA)Chart (Canada)CRIA (Canada)
Chickenfoot III20119---


YearTitleUS Hot 100US RockUK Singles Chart[4]Album
2009'Oh Yeah'-21-Chickenfoot
'Soap on a Rope'---
'Sexy Little Thing'-40-
'My Kinda Girl'---
2011'Big Foot'-32-Chickenfoot III
'Different Devil'---
2017'Divine Termination'---Best + Live

with The Circle (2014–present)[edit]

The Circle discography
Studio albums1
Live albums1

Studio albums[edit]

AlbumYearChart (USA)RIAA (USA)Chart (Canada)CRIA (Canada)
Space Between2019----

Live albums[edit]

Van halen 1984 related albums
AlbumYearChart (USA)RIAA (USA)Chart (Canada)CRIA (Canada)
At Your Service.2015----


YearTitleUS Hot 100US RockUK Singles Chart[4]Album
2019'Trust Fund Baby'---Space Between
'Can't Hang'---

Music videos[edit]

2019'Trust Fund Baby' (Lyric Video)-
'Trust Frund Baby'ZZ Satriani
'Can't Hang'-


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