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Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth Download Rom

Jun 30, 2017 - Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth is a Wiiware game which released in 2009. Its story is a remake of Gameboy Castlevania The Adventure,.

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Castlevania - The Adventure ReBirth [Konami]

Alternative name:Dracula Densetsu ReBirth, WiiWare

Release date:Oct 27th, 2009

Console:Nintendo Wii

Install cracked abaqus. Developer:M2


Download all files as MP3 (46 MB)

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01 Start BGM [Title] (From 'Dracula Densetsu')0:09Download
02 Map [Demo] (From 'Akumajo Dracula XX')0:56Download
03 Stage Start [Stage Intro]0:07Download
04 Reincarnated Soul [Stage 1] (From 'VAMPIRE KILLER')1:55Download
05 Gauntlet [Mini-Boss]1:35Download
06 A Lullaby Sent to the Devils [Stage 2] (From Arcade 'Akumajo Dracula')2:11Download
07 New Messiah [Stage 3] (From 'Dracula Densetsu II')2:11Download
08 Load BGM [Stage 4] (From X68000 'Akumajo Dracula')2:13Download
09 Aquarius [Stage 5] (From 'Akumajo Densetsu')2:11Download
10 The Final Battle [Boss] (From Arcade 'Akumajo Dracula')1:02Download
11 Stage Clear [Stage Clear] (From FAMILY COMPUTER 'Akumajo Dracula')0:06Download
12 Vampire Killer [Stage 6] (From FAMILY COMPUTER 'Akumajo Dracula')1:12Download
13 Last Boss Entrance [Last Boss Intro]0:10Download
14 Riddle [Last Boss] (From 'Akumajo Densetsu')1:27Download
15 Stages Clear [All Stages Clear] (From SUPER FAMICOM 'Akumajo Dracula')0:13Download
16 The End of the Day [Ending] (From 'Dracula Densetsu II')2:39Download
17 Player Out [Miss] (From 'Akumajo Dracula XX')0:03Download
18 Game Over [Game Over] (From 'Akumajo Draculla XX')0:09Download

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