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Free Download Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition 2006 - Microsoft Digital Image has all the tools you need to create, organize, enhance, and sh. Microsoft Digital Image puts you in control of your photos. 2000/XP/Vista Version 11.1 Full. I find worthwhile in the Microsoft Digital Image 2006.

Unfortunately, Microsoft stopped development of Digital Image Suite over 10 years ago. Many of its features were eventually evolved into applications such as Windows Live Photo Gallery, which has also been discontinued. Microsoft's remaining image editing app is the built in Photos app, which is a skeleton of both apps.
You can still download and install Photo Gallery to restore some semblance of it.
When complete, hit Enter, then restart, then try updating again.
Windows Essentials latest version 16.4.3528.0331:
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As for Digital Image Suite 2006, you could try your luck with compatibility mode:
Run Old Software on Windows 10 with Compatibility Mode - groovyPost
or you might want to consider installing in a virtual machine under a compatible version of Windows:

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I agree this is a shame as I still use DIS 2006 on a regular basis. However the program is 12+ years old so I've always considered that compatibility as Windows 10 progresses was a 'borrowed time' thing at best. DIS 2006 also has a few other issues (opening image files beyond about 2GB, resolutions restrictions, and a few quirks with 4K displays) that reflect how far PC's have come in the last decade that it is hard to fault to program for as well. It's old.
The good news is that it is ONLY the installer that fails on Builds past 1703 as it can no longer find the IE6 32 bit 'pieces'. Once the application is installed it continues to work fine on all the release builds of Windows 10 I've used so far (including the just-released 'Spring Creators Update' Build 1803).
A few approaches I've successfully used to keep my access to DIS 2006:


Keep an Install of Build 1703 handy so if you do have to reinstall everything on your system, you can use that build, install DIS 2006, and then let Windows Update bring you current on new builds of Windows 10 (which is what I've done the last 2 times I had to wipe-and-rebuild the O/S).
Do an install of Build 1703, install DIS 2006 and any other apps that still look for 32bit IE pieces (I've run across a few that I really didn't care about but your mileage may vary. Do the upgrade to the most current version of Windows and them make a disk image of that 'clean' build in case you need to do a future restore. This is my preferred method as I do often test software on my system and occasionally have to restore to baseline.

Create a VM of Windows 7 and install DIS 2006 on it (as well as any other legacy apps you still want access to).


Of course, one could always go to 3D Paint.. 😜

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