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Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX. You may download an updated set of Flash MX 'v1' components. Upgrading from an earlier version of Flash MX 2004 to.

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Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004 Release Notes

This document addresses issues that are not discussed in the Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004 documentation. This document may be updated as more information becomes available.

About Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004

Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004 are the solutions for developing rich Internet content and applications. Whether you are designing motion graphics or building>(versions 7.0 and 7.0.1 only)

When you launch Flash for the first time, you will be asked whether you want to download an update to your product Help system. Please elect to do so, and you will receive the latest documentation associated with the product.

New and corrected information will be added to the Help system regularly. To check for updated help after you have installed Flash, display the Help panel (Help > Help), then click the Update button. If new help content is available, a dialog box is displayed asking if you want to download the new help content. Click Yes to download it. Macromedia suggests that you check for new help content at least once a month.

Backward compatibility of Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004

You cannot open a Macromedia Flash MX 2004 (or Flash MX Professional 2004) source file (.FLA) in Flash MX due to the additional features in the 2004 versions. However, you can use the Save as Flash MX feature described in the Using Flash manual to save the document in the Flash MX .FLA format. When doing this, you will lose any new version 2004 features you may have added to the file.

In addition, you may export your Macromedia Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX Professional 2004 source file as Flash Player version 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 format (.SWF) for deployment purposes. Features not supported in those versions may not function.

The best way to copy items from files created in Flash MX to files created in Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX Professional 2004 is to open the files using Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX Professional 2004 and then copy and paste within the Flash application.

Copying text from files open in Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX Professional 2004 into files open in Flash MX is not supported. Choose 'Save As Flash MX' and open the file in Flash MX instead.


Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004 come with a comprehensive set of new UI components. these components are written in ActionScript 2.0 and are based upon a new architecture that is more robust and full-featured than the Flash MX components.

Migration of existing applications using Components
Due to the substantial changes in the component architecture, there will be significant development effort in migrating an application built with Flash MX components to the new 2004 component set. You can continue to develop your application employing Flash MX components in the Flash MX 2004 products without updating to the new component set.

Flash Player 6.0 r79 required by Components
The Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004 components support both Flash Player 6 and Flash Player 7 SWF format. However, the version 2004 components will not work in versions of Flash Player earlier than 6.0 r79. The new Flash Player Detection feature can be used to ensure that an end-user has Flash Player 6.0 r79 or later; see 'Configuring publish settings for Flash Player detection' in Using Flash.

Size of Flash MX 2004 Components
Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional components provide a host of new features, and as a result, the size of SWF files containing version 2004 components may be larger than equivalent SWF files containing Flash MX components. This is due to the many new services and sophisticated infrastructure that the version 2004 components provide.

Flash MX Components and Flash Player 7
While Flash MX components may continue to be used in Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004, they may not work when published as Flash Player 7. If you are using Flash MX components in your application, continue to publish your application as Flash Player 6 SWF.

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Alternatively, you may download an updated set of Flash MX 'v1' components which have been modified to support Flash Player.

Backward compatibility of Flash Player 7 - see the Flash Player 7 release notes.

There have been a number of changes in Flash Player 7 that may cause existing scripts to cease functioning correctly when published into Flash Player 7 SWF files. These changes, and strategies for adapting existing content to them, are discussed in the ActionScript Reference Guide in the section 'Porting existing scripts to Flash Player 7'.
In particular, these features may cause issues for existing content when published as Flash Player 7 SWF files:
- ECMA-262 Strict Mode Compliance
- Exact Domain Matching (Flash Player 7 security model)
The migration of Flash movies from Flash Player 6 to Flash Player 7 SWF format may involve some development effort. If you do not need to take advantage of new Flash Player 7 features, it is recommended that you continue publishing existing content as Flash Player 6 SWF files.

Extension Manager

The Macromedia Extension Manager is included on the Flash CD-ROM. You may also download the latestExtension Manager from the Macromedia Exchange for Flash.

Text Issues

Components and text will not display at runtime if the FLA file is saved to a path that has multi-byte characters in it if the system is not a multi-byte system.

There is a change to the way text is transformed. In Flash MX it behaved like a shape and would transform about the opposite corner. In Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004, text behaves more like a symbol and transforms about the transformation point.

EPS Import

Due to a limitation of the importing technology we are using, importing EPS files from Illustrator to Flash does not allow layers to be preserved. You can work around this by importing files in either Adobe Illustrator or PDF format instead.

Video and Sound

Some video features require QuickTime to be installed. See the product System Requirements.

Video Codecs - Although Flash fully supports QuickTime and AVI, you may experience issues with particular codecs.

This is a list of known problematic video codecs for QuickTime movie files which can crash the Flash application:

  • Intel Indeo Video
  • SoftDV

In addition, Flash cannot import MPEG video streams through QuickTime.

We recommend the following video codecs when using QuickTime:

  • Uncompressed video
  • Sorenson Video 1, 2, and 3
  • Motion JPEG A and B

You cannot edit or preview WMV video files.
Importing AVI files with the Intel Indeo video codec does not work properly.

Sound Codecs - In addition you may experience problems with some sound codecs. In most cases, the video import panel will display a warning about audio tracks using unsupported codecs. The following sound codecs are not supported:

  • IMA 4:1
  • Some 3rd party video and audio codecs available for Windows can cause issues like distorted video or audio, and crashes. This can be the case, for example, with MPEG2 video codecs which usually come with DVD playback software.

We recommend the following sound codecs when using QuickTime:

  • Uncompressed audio
  • ALaw 2:1

Memory - In general, video uses a lot of memory. You might run out of memory when importing long video files. We recommend turning off audio import to save memory since imported audio will be kept uncompressed in memory.

Like most multimedia development applications, Flash will be able to handle large video or other media files better if more memory is allocated to the program.

ActionScript 2.0 - dynamic keyword

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The behavior of the ActionScript 2.0 keyword 'dynamic' changed after the first7.0 documentation set was complete. Previously, every class that subclassed a dynamic class was also considered dynamic automatically. This meant that the typechecking done on those classes was more lenient, since it allowed for properties and methods that might be added dynamically (at runtime). We have decided to make an exception for the MovieClip class, since a common workflow is to subclass MovieClip in order to associate the class with a MovieClip symbol. Subclasses of MovieClip will no longer be dynamic unless explicitly modified with the 'dynamic' attribute, or unless they extend another non-MovieClip class that is dynamic. This gives users control over the strictness of typechecking for their MovieClip subclasses.This change to the documentation was made available in a later update to the help content.

Windows-only issues


By design, you must be logged in as an administrator to install Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX Professional 2004 on Windows 2000 or Windows XP. It is suggested that the administrator also activate the product so it will be activated for all users on the machine.

Macromedia Flash Mx 2004 Full Version Torrent Download

File Extensions in Unsaved Files

Sending a Flash document via email before the file is saved may result in an improper file extension. Please save your Flash documents before sending them as attachments.

Macintosh-only issues


By design, to install Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX Professional 2004 on OS X, you must have administrative privileges. It is suggested that the administrator also activate the product so it will be activated for all users on the machine.

UFS Support

Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004 will not support Mac users who have formatted their hard drives using UFS. Carbon applications have a number of issues with this that are documented by Apple. Unless you are using native apps (AKA Cocoa), UFS is not recommended or supported by Apple.

Flash MX 2004 Update and Flash MX Professional 2004 Update, version 7.0.1.

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Installing the Update

If you already have Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX Professional 2004 installed, you do not need to uninstall prior to running the update installation. This update installs on top of Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX Professional 2004. Ensure that you have closed Flash before running the update installer. You must be logged in as an administrator to run the update installer.

After Running the Updater Installer

This section only applies to customers who previously installed Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX Professional 2004, and then ran the Updater to update to the latest version. Customers who have only installed the latest version are not affected. To determine which version of the product you are running, choose Help > About Flash.

Compile Errors with Existing Projects

You may experience errors when compiling existing projects after running the Updater. To resolve this, delete the following folder:

Windows 2000 and Windows XP: C:Documents and SettingsyourUserNameLocal SettingsApplication DataMacromediaFlash MX 2004<language>ConfigurationClassesaso

Windows 98: C:WindowsProfilesyourUserNameApplication DataMacromediaFlash MX 2004<language>ConfigurationClassesaso

Mac OS X: HD:Users:yourUserName:Library:Application Support:Macromedia:Flash MX 2004:en:Configuration:Classes:aso

Updating ExistingData Binding Projects

If you have an existing project that contains data binding you will need to update it to the latest version. Please use the following steps:

Note: make a backup of your existing project before updating.

1. Open your project within Flash MX Professional 2004.

2. Open the common libraries panel by choosing Window > Other Panels > Common Libraries > Classes.

3. Update your project with the latest version of the DataBindingClasses compiled clip by using one of the following methods:

a. drag the DataBindingClasses compiled clip from the Classes library into your library.

b. drag the DataBindingClasses compiled clip from the Classes library onto the stage and then delete it.

If you are prompted with a 'Resolve Library Conflict' dialog, choose the 'Replace Existing Items' option.

Resolved Issues

The Updater fixes bugs throughout the product for both Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004. There are many bug fixes for both Macintosh and Windows platforms.


Stability was the primary focus of this update:

  • 34 crash bugs found and fixed!
  • 7 lost/corrupt data bugs
  • 1 memory leak bug
  • Many bugs surrounding double-byte fonts and IME
  • MX files no longer fail to Save As
  • When using forms, screen code is now correctly saved
  • Note: See additional fixes below


Performance was considered as important as stability for this release based on feedback from users. Performance was improved in many areas of the product:

  • ActionScript edition:
    • Scrolling and selecting text (with word wrap off) should be faster now
    • AS editor is no longer as slow when scrolling big scripts via the scroll bar down arrow button
  • Test movie no longer very slow for movie containing tweened clip with object actions
  • Output panel refresh rate improved
  • Note: See additional fixes below


Many usability improvements including:

  • Numerous improvements to the Help content
  • Added back the Scale and Rotate menu item
  • Updated templates and samples to use latest components
  • Moving a form within the Screen Outline no longer loses all data binding information for that form
  • Non-Administrative users are able to switch successfully to Flash MX Professional 2004 when running the product as a Trial
  • Library now remembers open state when restarting Flash
  • Note: See additional fixes below

Additional Bugs Fixed


  • NetConnection and SharedObject are defined as intrinsic class instead of dynamic intrinsic class
  • nextScene and prevScene do not work properly ( nextScene / prevScene )
  • Exception handling does not catch specific type unless completely written out
  • A catch clause does not declare the caught variable
  • and Function.apply have wrong return type
  • Compiler is using r:0 without first preserving it


  • Rewind behavior doesn't rewind
  • Extra reverse solidus () shows up in loadmovienum path
  • url is not opened in some actions of Behaviors
  • Stop Sound behavior stops all sounds instead of just one as per description

Component UI

Macromedia Flash Mx 2004 Full Version Torrent Download
  • Compiler gives error on the description of the Component definition.
  • 'Script running slowly' dialog comes up when getURL invoked


  • Databinding JS-API doesn't completely work
  • RearrangeFields formatter doesn't work if 'string' is used in more than 1 field
  • Some bindings to dynamically instanced screens don't work
  • Data Binding doesn't always work in loaded movies
  • Less than sign (<) is not escaped correctly within XUpdate
  • In the xupdate a key attribute has a space on the end of the value
  • Precision for numeric formatter does not work correctly
  • Bad data can be included in updatePacket if there is no schema
  • Components lose binding information if they are placed within a movie clip or copy/paste
  • Undefined is displayed by List component with Data binding
  • Data binding does not set ignoreWhiteSpace to true when copying XML data
  • Connectors cannot be triggered when a parameter is updated
  • ReadOnly setting in DataSet incorrectly overrides ReadOnly setting in column
  • Components: DataHolder : initial value type 'Integer' failing
  • clearDelta () method does not clear delta items correctly
  • Changes made in the text input control are being applied to the record being navigated to instead of the current record
  • Save/Load to sharedObject does not reload the DeltaPacket
  • useSort( ) is incorrect when addSort without sort option(s1),then add a descending sort,back to sort(s1) with Ascending option.
  • Dataset cannot exchange data correctly with a grid that contains a cell renderer
  • Date/Boolean fields display NAN for null values
  • Can't 'Define Web Services' through an authenticated proxy


  • Timeline effects cause JSFL error message (expand effect)
  • Undoing effect does not fully remove it
  • Applying Explode effect to a shape in the slide fails
  • The explode effect does not function properly on an image inside a grouped object
  • JavaScript errors when applying transition effects
  • Transition effect cannot be applied on object at frame 30 or after

Help Panel

Flash Mx 2004 Old Version

  • Unable to copy text in Help panel


Full Version Movies

  • Importing a file in the Illustrator10 format always causes the file to be rasterized
  • Fireworks import: Texts in FW doesn't show up on Flash when uncheck 'Import as a single flattened bitmap' option
  • Can't import ai files of older Illustrator versions
  • Freehand files with text on path cannot be imported after a FH file is imported

Script Editing

  • Change the default font of the AS Editor to Monaco
  • Auto Format changes logic when comments encountered
  • Code hinting inserts spurious component-related text when ' mx .' is typed, causing confusion
  • Code hint does not appear when colon (:) is typed


  • Cannot input numeric play times

Strings Table

  • Two textfields with the same String ID can have different content
  • Stage text fields are only updated when arrow tool is selected
  • Strings disappear when string cell is double clicked after XML files are imported
  • Infinite errors when the swf name is different from fla name after fla is 'saved as'
  • Xml file name is saved incorrectly when the fla is saved without . fla extension.
  • With text field is still selected, unable to save changes


  • Pasting text from external applications relocates text box
  • Missing font outline warning is displayed when outline is available
  • Vertical text fields change location (or disappear) in swf after publishing

Flash MX 2004 Update and Flash MX Professional 2004 Update, version 7.2.

Installing the Update

If you already have Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX Professional 2004 installed, you do not need to uninstall prior to running the update installation (available here). This update installs on top of Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX Professional 2004. Ensure that you have closed Flash before running the update installer. You must be logged in as an administrator to run the update installer.

Updates will be available for all languages of Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004. You may only run the Update against the language of Flash for which it was intended.

Disabling and Re-Enabling Extensions

Because of the changes to the Configuration folders with this update (see 'Issues Addressed', below), existing Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX Professional 2004 customers who have installed Flash Extensions should disable these extensions prior to updating to version 7.2. There is a technote available for more information.

Known Issues

Customers who run English Flash on European Windows systems (such as Italian, French, German or Spanish), and then update to version 7.2, may experience an issue where the Local Settings and Application Data folders are duplicated. One set of folders will be called 'Local Settings' and 'Application Data'; the other set will have localized folder names. This may cause some items to be duplicated in the Flash UI as well. The workaround is to completely uninstall the existing version of Flash, including manually deleting both sets of duplicated folders, before running the new version 7.2 installer.

The Library Panel does not always remember its position when opening Flash. Due to the scope and complexity of this issue, it will not be resolved in this update. We are planning to address this issue in the next full release of Flash.

When using mouse-down on the snapping UIScrollBar's thumb and scroll, and release the thumb and try to mouse-down on it again, the thumb doesn't always register the onPress. The workaround is to click twice or move the mouse slightly before scrolling again.

When a .fla file saved in Macintosh Flash v7.0.1 is opened in version 7.2, characters swapped in Macintosh v7.0.1 will not be converted back to the original characters.

Existing Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX Professional 2004 customers who do not update to 7.2 will not be able to obtain further updates to their product Help system. You must update to version 7.2 to get the latest Help.

On Macintosh, users who have multiple ethernet ports may be asked to re-activate when upgrading from an earlier version of Flash MX 2004 to version 7.2.

The 7.2 release modifies the Trigger Data Source behavior file. If you have installed any third party extensions which made changes to this file, those changes will be lost. You will need to manually edit this file to include those changes. You can find this file in C:Program FilesMacromediaFlash MX 2004enFirst RunBehaviorsTrigger.xml on Windows, and <HD>/Applications/Macromedia Flash MX 2004/First Run/Behaviors/Trigger.xml on Macintosh.

Macintosh only: Flash Remoting Components AS 2.0 installed prior to updating to version 7.2 should be uninstalled before running the updater and reinstalled after running the updater.

Windows 2000 only: Performing a Replace All for a symbol twice in a row crashes Flash.

Windows only: Cutting content from Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX Professional 2004, and pasting into Flash MX, causes a crash.

Issues Addressed

Updates to Help and Documentation

One of the primary focuses of the 7.2 Update was improving the Help and Documentation available with the product. Here is a summary of the changes made:

  • Over 400 new code examples
  • The percentage of entries with examples has grown from 43% to 98%
  • Increased the amount of ActionScript documentation by 85%
  • Added 21 new documentation example FLA files demonstrating common application functionality
  • Fixed over 2000 documentation issues
  • Added 2 new chapters about working with Components
  • Rewrote 2 existing Components chapters, including styles and skinning info
  • Updated Styles info for every component

Updated Help and Documentation are only available in English and Japanese. The other language versions of Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004 version 7.2 contain the latest previously localized help systems available; however the latest Documentation files in .PDF format are available in English on the CD-ROM or in your download file. Customers who update to 7.2 via the Updater Installer can obtain updated .PDF documentationhere.

New Sample: Using advanced video features (Flash Professional only)
This new sample included in Flash demonstrates some of the more advanced video features available in Flash MX Professional 2004. Taking you through a computer generated world in FLV video, this application lets the user set video bookmarks and demonstrates advanced video techniques featuring non-linear video, executing functions from video cuepoints, and using ActionScript to pause, rewind, fast forward, restart and reposition video. Also covered are the use and control of multiple MediaDisplay components, video synchronization, and skinning components. This sample is located in the folder Flash MX 2004SamplesAdvancedVideo

New Sample: Building a population viewer (Flash Professional only)
This new sample included in Flash demonstrates a unique and intuitive method of data visualization. A map of 15 European countries allows the user to drag the 'population' of each country to either side of a scale. Human figures, representing the population of the country selected, are placed on the scale and automatically increase in size to represent the relative population of the country. Each time a country's population is placed on the scale, the total population of each side of the scale is recalculated and the scale tips to the side with the greater total. Web Services provide the initial country populations. Throughout the sample ActionScript is used to display, track, and compare data as well as operate the scale. This sample is located in the folder Flash MX 2004SamplesPopulationViewer

Configuration Folder Changes
Significant changes have been made to the location and contents of the Configuration folders. Detailed information on the contents of these folders can be found in the file Flash MX 2004<language>ConfigurationConfiguration_ReadMe.htm (Windows), and Macromedia Flash MX 2004/Configuration/Configuration_ReadMe.htm (Macintosh). These changes were made in order to greatly reduce the amount of data copied into User folders upon first launch, saving time and drive space.

Crash Issues Addressed (includes internal bug numbers for reference)
96714 : Repeatedly using the test project button on the project panel will cause a crash on OS X 10.3
96110 : Component property definition with Inspectable value incorrect will cause crash.
95197 : Publishing selectable static text field with non default directory crashes app
77881 : Crash when undoing cut screen if selection was incorrect when the screen was cut.
93918 : Crash when using multiple monitors and disconnecting one on OS X.
95086 : Flash hangs when you try to customize the tool bar when the poly star tool is in it.
93405 : Crash when testing erroneous file - due to using continue in switch/case block.
92981 : Publishing certain chars to Flash 4/5 in Dynamic text crashes Flash.
92051 : JSFL moveToFolder causes crash.
91225 : Converting SWC's to MovieClips causes instances to disappear from stage and eventually crashes Flash.
89881 : OS X Crashing Right Before Building Workspace when config files cannot be loaded.
88586 : Setting a WSDL URL in the property inspector and pressing Tab crashes Flash.
89060 : App crashes by changing For: field to Font in StartPage after running multiple find and replace actions.
89189 : Crash when clicking on a link in the Help panel to a file that doesn't exist in an existing folder.
88002 : Pasting texts with a certain font (Hiragino Kakugo Std W8) from Flash MX file to Flash MX 2004 crashes Flash MX 2004 on Mac.
84937 : On pressing the 'Check Syntax' button, Flash MX 2004 crashes in some circumstances.
86169 : Flash hangs on launch when actions panel is opened with invalid xml files in the custom actions.
86430 : Importing .JPGs from a CD crashes Flash.

Usability Issues Addressed
95826 : Drawing tools do not remember stroke settings.
95101 : Restricted User account receives Alert Dialog on Start up.
93727 : Long timeline with folders does not refresh properly when folders expanded and collapsed.
93025 : Cannot use arrow keys to navigate between help panel when you switch apps.
92877 : JSFL error with opening Flash MX Professional 2004 .FLA in Flash MX 2004 start page.
92376 : When doing saveAndCompact via JSAPI, component symbols change to the generic icon.
91752 : Redraw issue with swf content after help update when the help panel is docked.
91590 : The timeline doesn't always update immediately when you delete a layer using the trash can icon.
68801 : Reloading a component causes all folders in Components Panel to expand / component panel does not remember state.
90052 : Help update prompt on first launch after installation even when help is up-to-date.
91274 : If you click into a dynamic textfield, without selecting something and use the textsizeslider, the textfield can no longer be
91469 : PDF file type missing in import options.
77639 : Text cursor always visible when ActionScript panel lost focus.
89730 : Configuration: help panel is blank if a user logs in at install time but not at launch time and vice versa (on Windows 98).
88853 : Snap to object settings are not remembered between sessions.
78987 : Most keyboard shortcuts that contain option key do not work on Macintosh.
84661 : Project icons are not appearing consistently in Project panel - makes check in/out unusable.
85775 : Sync and Loop/Repeat become disabled when linking a device sound.
85940 : Loop or Repeat fail when linking a device sound.

Performance / Resource Usage Issues Addressed
79265 : Start Page on Mac uses CPU while sitting in background.
88067 : Temp files are not deleted in the Configuration folder.
88130 : Performance slow/apparent freeze when loading movie containing a lot of ActionScript.
87225 : User level configuration folder is too big (75 megs).
87305 : The time it takes to TestMovie or Publish degrades over time.
87300 : USER objects are running too high / Cannot open Dreamweaver when Flash is running / Menus do not draw correct after Flash has been running for a while.
87051 / 87052 : Compile time for ActionScript heavy movies is slow.

Fonts / Text Issues Addressed
88847 : Specifying Shift JIS character in hexadecimal in ActionScript is not working.
89233 : Line spacing for Dynamic text field is different between stage and runtime.
68923 : Some 3rd party font (CID) display as garbage characters in text field.
88268 : There is a swap on certain Japanese characters (such as Chinese symbols) when entered.
71971 : The line space is too wide for double-byte OTF fonts.
87748 : Some double byte characters display as garbage characters as imported from EPS WITHOUT Font Information.
87761 : All double byte characters display as garbage characters as imported from EPS on Mac OS X.

Screens Issues Addressed
81401 : A user is able to get into a state where a screen loses its class association.
89229 : Relative paths incorrect when using screen behaviors.

Components Author Time Issues Addressed
93835 : Component parameters with type lists are not updated when updating components on stage.
93876 : Manually changing a SWC Component's horizontal property distorts its graphic.
72048 : Creating a SWC from another SWC doesn't include all the ASI files.
76948 : Auto filling of the _targetInstanceName Variable does not work after the component is compiled.

Components Issues Addressed
87773 : Stand alone Scrollbar is not included in Flash MX 2004.
81829 : DataGrid can't display dataset dataprovider correctly.
95544 : Menu change event returns undefined for groupName.
95492 : Menu Component - Should not be able to key into submenus from a disabled menu item.
88021 : Components don't work correctly when doing loadMovie with _lockroot set to true in the movie doing the load.
86804 : Editable DataGrid does not work correctly with IME input.
86661 : Alert component can be dragged out of view with no way to get it back.
86659 : Window component can be dragged out of view with no way to get it back.
86651 : Accordion's change event's event object doesn't contain prevValue and nextValue.
86649 : When Accordion's openDuration is set to 0, the Accordion doesn't always change child panes.
86598 : Unable to open Menu component through keyboard when there is only one menu item in menubar.
86595 : ComboBox should not always fire change event when up and down arrow keys are used.
86589 : Setting monthNames for one DateChooser causes other DateChooser instances to change month names.
86578 : Tabbing into an editable DataGrid should select all the text in the focused in cell.
86570 : Setting NumericStepper's visible property to false via Components Inspector does not work.
86544 : ComboBox needs same restrict attribute that TextInput & TextArea components have.
86540 : ComboBox's open() and close() events firing at wrong time.
86536 : Disabled buttons with icons do not display icons.
86532 : When adding an removing text, TextArea becomes unusable -- un-scrollable and all the text keeps getting highlighted.
85999 : Tree code is checking isNodeVisible instead of isNodeVisible(node).
85009 : Changing background color in the Tree component using setPropertiesAt method does not work correctly when the openDuration is greater than 0.
84189 : ComboBox loaded into another swf closes dropdown while scrolling through the dropdown list.
80473 : Last line of multi-line text does not show in Alert.
80471 : RadioButtonGroup does not have addEventListener properly declared.
79454 : Unable to tab into editable combo boxes when tabIndexes are explicitly set.
79360 : Loader component has no visual representation on stage, nearly impossible to work with visual layout.
79207 : Disabling TextAreas causes CPU usage to reach 100 %.
76154 : Setting Button components' selected property to true via Property Inspector or Components Inspector does not work.
75321 : Scrolling in DataGrid when deleting items from the bottom of the grid disables scrolling.
71941 : Menu fires change event when rolling over items with arrow keys.
71844 : When using the ScrollPane component, and setting horizontal and vertical scrollPolicy off, and scrollDrag true, you can drag the content all the way off so you can't get it back.
71790 : DataGrid doesn't show items until clicking on the headers.
71760 : Horizontal scrollbar in TextArea component is not functioning properly when wordwrap property is set to false.
71754 : At runtime, components quickly flash to Times New Roman (or other serif font).
70730 : When using the ScrollPane component, if vLineScrollSize value is greater than value which is left to the end of scroll
(maxscroll-currentscroll), mouseWheel will no longer work.
70161 : Content is scrollable within ScrollPane using mousewheel even if content fits into component.
69059 : MenuBar should dispatch events on behalf of its Menus.
69014 : Setting hPosition and vPosition for a TextArea causes text to scroll to end.
66040 : Radio Button gets focus when disabled and state can be changed from true to false and vice versa.
59164 : The Button component's label property is only readable when you first set a value for label.
58373 : Class styles do not work on the List component.

Intrinsic Class Files Issues Addressed
93379 : TextField.autoSize accepts incorrect input at compile time.
93790 : Remove AttachVideo() from file.
92827 : Intrinsic definition for MovieClipLoader and Stage should not contain listener methods.
87488 : Built-in classes intrinsic .as files are missing some information.

JSFL Issues Addressed
93805 : Line space not being set correctly from JSFL.
87153 : Flash should have JavaScript APIs for File Manipulation (File I/O).

Compiler Issues Addressed
89270 : ath.acos of a negative number smaller than one returns wrong value when publishing as Flash 4.
89271 : Math.asin of a negative AND positive number bigger than one returns wrong value when publishing as Flash 4.
89274 : Math.pow (var1, var2) returns wrong values when using negative numbers and 0 when publishing as Flash 4.
79653 : Bullets not working in htmlText of a textfield.
87105 : Incorrect compilation of switch arguments when publishing to Flash Player 4 and 5.
79631 : Switch not working when published as Flash 5.
79815 : trace(false ! 1) returns false in Flash MX 2004 but true in Flash MX.

Other Issues Addressed
94994 : Export Image cannot save a file outside of 'Users' folder.
93512 : Strings Disappear from Strings Panel.
92155 : Not able to display and export embedded characters on dynamic and input text fields when publishing to Flash 4 or 5.
80785 : Auto-kern causes character overlap on OS X 10.3.
66513 / 76185 : Help updater fails when going through a proxy.
89287 : Strings in the Strings panel revert back to the original text when focus is changed.
86423 : Drag and Drop learning interaction does not function properly.
84474 : The 7.0.1 version # is not coming through from the product calls.
78012 : Lost data when saving a slide-based .fla while focus is in Property Inspector.
79819 : File Save loses actionscript changes when script navigator was used.
83246 : Wave file disappears from timeline when Sync setting is changed from Repeat to Loop.
84989 : Some help pages are not found by search.
88342 : Flash MX 2004 should include an Event Proxy class to help handle scope problems with events.

Reporting a bug to the Macromedia Flash team

Found a bug? Your first step should be to contact Macromedia Technical Support. They can help you resolve issues and they can also log bugs. If you are no longer eligible for support, please use the Macromedia Software Feature Request and Bug Report form.

Note: Due to the high volume of e-mail we receive, we are unable to respond to every request.

Thank you for using Macromedia Flash MX 2004, and for taking the time to send us your feedback

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