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flash, the handle enter into the pairing mode, turn-in the phone and search for Bluetooth devices 'ipega gamepad controller'
and pairing, if it is success, the LED light will be bright, the handle will be in the iCade mode.

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forum :http://www.aipaige.co or through the QR code to download ipega game lobby APK file)
1 Switch on the application 'ipega game lobby' and then click to enter my device (Fig. 1)
2 When the handle turn-off, first press the 'Y' key, then press the HOME button, the LED indicator light flash, the handle enter
3 Switch-in the Bluetooth, click Add handle search → 'ipega gamepad controller' → click interface to bind to jump to handle
connection test program handles the connection is successful (Figures 1, 2)
4 Click Settings → Click Bitgames IME input method and check 'Bitgames IME' → Select Input Method 'Bitgames IME'
Y.SPP Mode:(Suitable for Android system, need ROOT when using.)
entre into the pairing mode, if the pairing is successful, the LED indicator is keeping bright, the handle is in the SPP
mode; SPP mode requires corresponding Android APP software to complete the relevant key mapping function.
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(Please log in official forum http://www.aipaige.com or through QR code to download 'GHTouch ' APK file.)

Ipega Game Lobby Apk File

1 Go to Settings → Language and input → Select Input Method 'GHTouch IM' (Figure 1)
2 Open the application 'GHTouch' → Choose device 'ipega gamepad controller' → check 'virtual screen buttons'
→ Select Input Method 'GHTouch IM' → The device will automatically connect with the handle, after the
connection is completed , the LED indicator light (Figures 2, 3)
3 After entering the game, press the volume up on the device or handle 'Select' button, the button icon onto
the screen corresponding to the position (Note: Double-click the icon to set the size), press return or click on
the device handle 'Select', icon hidden, complete the setup.
lobby:(Suitable for Android system, pls log in official
When the handle turn-off, first press the 'Y' key, then
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