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Touring Caravan


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Summary of Contents for elddis Buccaneer

1979 Shasta Motorhome Manual Downloads

  • Page 1 Buccaneer Touring Caravan OWNERS HANDBOOK Issue 2...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION ... 1-1 Front & Back Levelling ......... 5-1 Model Year .............. 1-1 Parking on a Reverse-Sloping Site or Steep Elddis Technical Approvals ........1-1 Hill ..............5-2 GENERAL SAFETY ........ 2-1 GETTING STARTED ......6-1 Please read before using your new caravan. .. 2-1 Electricity ..............
  • Page 3 CONTENTS Powering with electricity ........9-4 Front Wrap Round Seating (Option) ..... 9-27 Selecting electrical power ........9-4 Removable Drawer Locker ......9-27 Powering with gas ..........9-4 Satellite Dish ............9-28 Switching off the refrigerator ......9-5 TV Aerial ............... 9-28 Door locking mechanism ........
  • Page 4 EQUIPMENT LIST ....... 16-1 Buccaneer ............. 16-1 ELECTRICAL DRAWINGS ....17-1 13 Pin Plug Wiring Diagram ......17-1 Wiring Diagram - Buccaneer ......17-2 Road Lights - Buccaneer ........17-3 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ..18-1 Buccaneer ............. 18-1 GENERAL QUESTIONS ..... 19-1 GLOSSARY ...........
  • Page 6: Welcome And Introduction

    Model Year Owner’s Information Pack. All Touring caravans manufactured by Elddis are Your new Elddis caravan has been designed as a designated by their model year. The 2011 model recreational vehicle and is intended for year runs from 1st September 2010 to 31st recreational use only.
  • Page 7 INTRODUCTION...
  • Page 8: General Safety

    Caravan Towing Vehicle Weight Ratio). In order for you to get the most out of your new The laden nose weight for your caravan Buccaneer caravan it is necessary for you to be should not exceed the lower of the aware of the following:...
  • Page 9: High-level Ventilation

    A fat pan fire the fitted roof skylight. All roof skylights fitted by must not have an extinguisher aimed at it, but Buccaneer provide fixed free area ventilation. must be smothered with a fire blanket. These roof skylights should be cleaned annually...
  • Page 10: Your Caravan Payload Explained

    GENERAL SAFETY YOUR CARAVAN PAYLOAD EXPLAINED A mass specified for the items which a user can choose to carry in a caravan and which are not Definitions included as essential habitation equipment or optional equipment. Maximum technically permissible laden mass (MTPLM) Optional equipment payload (OEP) Maximum mass of the vehicle, which takes into This is an amount of weight provided by us for...
  • Page 11 GENERAL SAFETY...
  • Page 12: Preparing For The Road

    The Jockey wheel nose weight indicator is fitted bottle locker. The gas should be turned off. to all Buccaneer caravans. This can be used to give guidance on the actual nose weight your (ii) The leisure battery is stored and secured in caravan is applying to your car’s tow ball.
  • Page 13: Pre-tow Checklist & Hitch-up

    PREPARING FOR THE ROAD (iii) Any external connections (battery chargers, connecting cables etc), should be disconnected and stowed. (iv) Check that all exterior locker doors are secure and locked. (v) Secure and lock the main caravan entrance door. PRE-TOW CHECKLIST & HITCH-UP Having loaded the touring caravan and secured the lockers and main entrance door: Check touring caravan wheel bolts are...
  • Page 14: Uncoupling

    PREPARING FOR THE ROAD Uncoupling the caravan’s brakes if it becomes separated from its towing vehicle. The cable assembly is designed to part, allowing the caravan to come to a halt away from the towing vehicle. Construction - Usually a thin steel cable, possibly plastic coated, and fitted with a means of attachment to connect to the towing vehicle.
  • Page 15: Where No Designated Attachment Point Is Provided On The Tow Bar

    PREPARING FOR THE ROAD (ii) Attach the clip directly to the attachment accessories e.g. a stabiliser, bumper shield, point (Fig 3-5, Step 2). cycle carrier etc. (ii) That there must be sufficient slack in the STEP 2 cable to allow the towing vehicle and caravan to fully articulate without the cable ever becoming taut and applying the brakes.
  • Page 16: Handbrake

    PREPARING FOR THE ROAD HANDBRAKE Your caravan is fitted with BPW running gear and handbrake. It is essential that prior to towing you ensure that your handbrake is in the fully off position. This can be confirmed by ensuring that the handbrake arm is resting on the blue stop fitted to the side of the A frame as shown in Fig 3-7 below.
  • Page 18: Towing And Driving

    TOWING AND DRIVING SPEED LIMITS TOWING AND DRIVING • Normal road towing: 50mph REVERSING • Motorways (including dual carriageways): It is advisable to have a second person available 60mph when reversing the caravan. SETTING OFF Start practising by choosing a left-hand bend for ease.
  • Page 20: Arriving On Site

    ARRIVING ON SITE should indicate when the spirit level bubble is in ARRIVING ON SITE the middle. CHECK SITE REGULATIONS Whichever method you use, and once level: On arrival at a site, you should always check the Apply the caravan handbrake and chock the site regulations.
  • Page 21: Parking On A Reverse-sloping Site Or Steep Hill

    ARRIVING ON SITE PARKING ON A REVERSE-SLOPING SITE OR STEEP HILL For successful parking on a reverse slope or steep hill, the operator need only apply the handbrake with one hand while gently but purposely inching the caravan a small distance backwards with the other.
  • Page 22: Getting Started

    You have arrived at your destination and now (ii) Your caravan is properly earthed. Never want to start to enjoy your new Buccaneer accept a supply from a socket outlet or plug caravan. The following is a step by step guide to...
  • Page 23: Disconnecting Mains Supply When Leaving Site

    GETTING STARTED WIRING OF CONNECTING CABLE AND CARAVAN MAINS INLET WARNING: It is essential that connections are made exactly as shown. If terminal markings are not in accordance with the above diagram they must be ignored. (vii) Place any surplus cable under the caravan. OVERSEAS ELECTRICAL CONNECTION Ensure that the surplus cable is not coiled Please Note: Connection to a mains voltage...
  • Page 24: Gas Supply

    Each gas appliance is connected to its own gas isolation tap under the cooker. These are Your new Buccaneer caravan has been fitted with identified on the tap via a label. Below is a key to a fully approved gas regulator designed to identify each label.
  • Page 25: Water System

    GETTING STARTED WATER SYSTEM Your new Buccaneer Caravan is fitted with an on board dual water pump system. When the system is first used or if air is sucked into the system when emptying your water container: 1. Insert plug into wall socket and close lid to lock plug in place.
  • Page 26: How To Use Your Aquasource

    GETTING STARTED How to Use Your Aquasource Draining Down Your Water System CAUTION It is essential that you drain down your caravan water system when it is not in use. Do not under any circumstances connect your This is most important during winter caravan to the mains water supply without the months to protect against frost damage.
  • Page 27 GETTING STARTED...
  • Page 28: Gas Safety Advice

    LPG GAS SYSTEM • Outlet sockets located within the caravan should only be used with a Buccaneer does not recommend the use of any dedicated appliance and not an external cylinders. All cylinders in use should be independent unit. within the gas locker provided. If you wish to •...
  • Page 29 GAS SAFETY ADVICE...
  • Page 30: Electrical System

    ‘trip’ the main switch, to the OFF position. This switch can only be re-set after Buccaneer recommends that you use sealed for elimination of the fault. life leisure batteries of a minimum rating off 40 Please Note: In case of difficulty, consult an ampere-hours at 20 hours discharge rate.
  • Page 31: Automatic Charging System

    ELECTRICAL SYSTEM AUTOMATIC CHARGING SYSTEM The battery charger will operate automatically when the caravan is connected to the mains outlet on a caravan site. The 12V system, with the exception of the 12V refrigerator and battery charging, will not operate when the caravan is connected to the towing vehicle.
  • Page 32: 12v Fuses - Single Axle & Twin Axle Models

  • Page 34: How To Use Your Caravan'sequipment

    (i) All pans should be mounted centrally Congratulations on your purchase of a new over the burners, even when cooling, to Buccaneer caravan. Within this section of your protect adjacent walls. caravan’s handbook we will give you brief details (ii) Do not lower the glass cover until hob on how to operate all of the caravan’s equipment...
  • Page 35: Gas Hob

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT Gas Hob (i) Turn the individual control knob for the burner you wish to light, whilst depressing the knob to engage the electronic ignition. (ii) If the hob is fitted with electronic ignition then depress the ignition button, which can be found on the front of the oven next to the oven control, while depressing the control...
  • Page 36: Gas Grill

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT Gas Grill Gas Oven (i) Turn the grill control knob to the high flame (i) Turn the gas oven control knob to maximum position and with the knob depressed press then depress the knob while pressing the the electronic ignitor button.
  • Page 37: Refrigerator Model Thetford N112 Lcd (single Axle Models)

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT REFRIGERATOR MODEL THETFORD N112 LCD (Single Axle Models) D = Function LED A = Main switch (on/off) E = LCD display B = Mode selection switch C = Cooling level selection switch OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS POWERING WITH ELECTRICITY When the caravan is on tow, the refrigerator Selecting electrical power...
  • Page 38: Switching Off The Refrigerator

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT The gas mode can be reset only if the Door locking mechanism refrigerator is switched off. If you switch the refrigerator on again and the gas mode is still not working, the LED of the manual gas mode will flash to indicate that gas is unavailable and an error code is shown in the LCD display.
  • Page 39: Operating Instructions

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT REFRIGERATOR MODEL THETFORD N175 LCD (Twin Axle Models) D = Function LED A = Main switch (on/off) E = LCD display B = Mode selection switch C = Cooling level selection switch OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS POWERING WITH ELECTRICITY When the caravan is on tow, the refrigerator Selecting electrical power...
  • Page 40: Switching Off The Refrigerator

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT The gas mode can be reset only if the Door locking mechanism refrigerator is switched off. If you switch the refrigerator on again and the gas mode is still not working, the LED of the manual gas mode will flash to indicate that gas is unavailable and an error code is shown in the LCD display.
  • Page 41: Troubleshooting

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT TROUBLESHOOTING Before calling the authorised Service Department please check whether: • The instructions in the section “Using the refrigerator” have been followed. • The refrigerator is not tilted excessively. • It is possible to operate the refrigerator with an available power source. Failure: The refrigerator does not work in gas operation mode.
  • Page 42: Maintenance

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE • Works on gas components and electrical installation may only be carried out by authorised personnel. We recommend to contact your Dometic Service Centre. • EN 1949 stipulates that the appliance’s gas equipment and its associated fume system must be inspected after installation and a certificate issued.
  • Page 43: Fault Finding

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT ALDE HEATING (Twin axle models only) Alde Compact 3010 Control Panel Fault Finding Pre-operational Check List • Check the level of antifreeze in the header Check LPG - Sufficient supply? Is the main tap fully open? tank.
  • Page 44 HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT Quick Start Operating Instructions Further information can be found in the appliance handbook. Use the Left < and Right > arrow keys to select the symbol you want. Use the +/On and -/Off keys to turn the function on and off. Turn boiler With “OFF”...
  • Page 45 HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT Systems Test To ensure a fully operational system follow these steps: Never operate the Alde boiler without ensuring the heating system has antifreeze in it. Check the header tank - 1cm above “Min” mark when cold. Ensure LPG and 230V connections are in place - the 230V supply symbol should show.
  • Page 46: Microwave

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT MICROWAVE BATTERY CHARGER Notes: The battery charger for the caravan battery will automatically switch on when the caravan is 1 - Your microwave is connected to your 230V connected to a mains supply. The battery charger electricity supply via a non customer useable will also provide a 12V supply to the caravan plug.
  • Page 47: Air Conditioning (option)

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT AIR CONDITIONING (option) Blizzard 1500 Air Conditioning Unit (Where Fitted) Starting and Function Selection (i) Internal temperature control thermostat. (ii) Two speed fan switch. (iii) ON button (push to ON position). (iv) To increase the cooling from the unit, turn the red/blue control knob to the blue section.
  • Page 48: Thetford Cassette C250 Toilet

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT THETFORD CASSETTE C250 TOILET Optional Features p) Electric Blade Introduction q) Automatic Ventilator The Thetford Cassette Toilet is a high quality product. The toilet forms an integral part of your Waste Pump-Out System caravan or camper bathroom, thanks to its Waste Holding Tank Multi-Level Indicator functional design which combines modern styling Flush-Water Tank Level Indicator (only if...
  • Page 49 HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT Standard C250 Optional features C250 Control panel (with optional features) 9-16...
  • Page 50: Preparing For Use With Optional Features

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT damage. If blockage occurs, always check if the 14. Automatic Ventilator: The ventilator blade handle is in the correct (closed) position. automatically starts when the control panel is activated (by pressing the flush button) and For toilets with own Flush-Water Tank: Open will automatically shut off after approximately the water filling door and fill the flush-water...
  • Page 51: Emptying With Optional Features

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT once the emptying spout is pointing downwards. Caution: Never use bleach, vinegar or other Prepare the toilet for re-use if required. Slide the powerful household cleaners that contain these Waste Holding Tank into the toilet and close the substances.
  • Page 52: Winter Operation

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT Rinse the float and rubber seal under a tap. Activate the Control Panel by pressing the Replace the rubber seal and float for the flush button. Open the blade and press the Automatic Pressure Release Vent using the flush button until water stops flowing into same method in reverse.
  • Page 53: Rooflights

    Your caravan is fitted with at least one type of the following roof lights: The Heki 4 Rooflight Your new Buccaneer caravan will be fitted with the Heki 4 rooflight in the main lounge. This rooflight can only be opened by using the remote control supplied with the rooflight.
  • Page 54: Midi Heki Rooflight

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT To open in the intermediate position: • Please consult your supplying dealer if you have any problems or defects. (i) Open the toggle catches on either side of the rooflight. • Remove any snow/ice or dirt before opening the roof.
  • Page 55: Windows

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT WINDOWS Your caravan will be fitted with either Polyplastic; Seitz framed windows, or a mixture of both. Seitz Window Opening Polyplastic Window Opening (i) In order to open the Seitz window you must (i) In order to open the Polyplastic window it is depress the button on the catch before only necessary to move the catch upwards moving the catch.
  • Page 56: Blinds & Flyscreens

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT BLINDS & FLYSCREENS Bathroom and shower tap operation The bathroom and shower taps are operated by Blinds lifting the lever and turning the lever right for (i) Pull blind down by its centre catch. Do not cold and left for hot water.
  • Page 57: Exterior Door Retainers

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT EXTERIOR DOOR RETAINERS INTERNAL DOORS The door retainer fitted to your Buccaneer Toilet/Shower Room Doors caravan is operated by simply lightly pushing the Toilet/shower room doors are fitted with a lever door to the side of the caravan. The retainer...
  • Page 58: Magnetic Catches

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT MAGNETIC CATCHES SLIDING DOORS Magnetic catches work The room divider should be held in place during on contact with the transit by the use of the strap with the stud metal plate on the rear fastening.
  • Page 59: Bed Make-up

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT BED MAKE-UP Bunk Beds Parallel Lounge All high level beds will take a maximum weight of 75kgs / 11 stone. When in use, the high level beds must have the bunk safety boards in place as shown in the diagram.
  • Page 60: Front Wrap Round Seating (option)

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT FRONT WRAP ROUND SEATING REMOVABLE DRAWER LOCKER (Option) To remove from the caravan, first locate the two If you have purchased the wrap round seating retaining straps at the bottom rear of the unit, option for your new caravan please note that the the straps are released by pulling away and down centre seat can be extended by the use of the...
  • Page 61: Satellite Dish

    If you have ordered an LCD TV with your new caravan then details on how to set up your TV will be supplied with the TV. Your new Buccaneer caravan will be fitted with a 530 Status TV aerial To operate your 530 Directional TV aerial follow...
  • Page 62: Bpw Nose Weight Indicator Jockey Wheel

    The Explorer Protect system is fitted as standard provided in your owners information pack. on the Odyssey, Omega, Rallye, Crusader and Buccaneer range. Manufactured by Autowatch, BPW NOSE WEIGHT INDICATOR The Explorer Protect system is designed to give JOCKEY WHEEL years of trouble free operation.
  • Page 63: Bpw Intelligent Drive Control (idc) System

    HOW TO USE YOUR CARAVAN’S EQUIPMENT unless reset by pressing any of the Arming the System in Test Or Buzz Mode transmitter buttons. In the buzz mode the siren will sound a short tone when a sensor is triggered instead of Emergency Disarm sounding for 30 seconds.
  • Page 64: Security

    Theft deterrent, prevention and security of your grade steel alloy with a cylinder lock. It is very touring caravan is taken very seriously at Buccaneer. That is why we have provided a combination of standard features and optional extras designed to deter and prevent thieves from stealing your property.
  • Page 65: Wheel Lock Diamond

    SECURITY WHEEL LOCK DIAMOND Hints for using the Wheel Lock Diamond To keep the hole of the receiver clean, please use How to fit your Wheel Lock Diamond the supplied plug when the Wheel Lock Diamond The Wheel Lock Diamond can only be fitted is not mounted.
  • Page 66: Tracker

    Mobile Phone Mast signal and 1st years subscription is covered within the is intended as an aid to the Finder. cost of your new Buccaneer Caravan. Battery low alarm • The MT2 battery is self-monitoring and when it becomes low, it will send an alarm to the Bureau.
  • Page 67 SECURITY The MT2 service and return to you will take about 7 days, so choose a time when your asset is well protected. Alternatively contact Automotion Security who can arrange for an engineer to visit and swop your MT2 tracking unit with a refurbished unit so that your asset is fully protected with break in protection.
  • Page 68: Cris - The Caravan Registration And Identification Scheme - Vin

    HPI Ltd. the details recorded are incorrect, please contact: CRIS - Dolphin House, New Street, Salisbury, All Buccaneer caravans are recorded on the CriS Wiltshire, SP1 2TB. Telephone: 01722 411430 database by their unique 17 digit Vehicle Identity Number (VIN). This VIN and the caravan...
  • Page 69 SECURITY 10-6...
  • Page 70: Care Of Your Caravan

    CARE OF YOUR CARAVAN Please Note: Under NO circumstances should CARE OF YOUR CARAVAN any abrasive cleaning agents, household This section of the guide is devoted to the care, detergents or proprietary cleaning fluids be used. cleaning and general preservation of your caravan Wash the window again using only cold water in order to retain its showroom condition.
  • Page 71: Interior Walls

    CARE OF YOUR CARAVAN fittings road grit, dust, sand, flies, lime tree WATER CONTAINERS secretions, bird droppings etc., should be washed All water remaining in any water container off using plenty of cold water. Any remaining dirt should be disposed of so that the container should be washed off using a soft cloth and warm is empty.
  • Page 72: Water Systems - Sterilization

    Ultraflow filter cartridge should be fitted. Please Note: Suitable sterilizing chemicals are available from your Buccaneer Retailer, accessory shop, chemists, or home-brew shops. It is not, however, recommended to use bleach or sodium met bisulphide.
  • Page 73: Chassis Mounted Spare Wheel Carrier

    115Nm for alloy wheels. Only use the wheel bolts supplied with your caravan. If you need to replace these bolts you should obtain bolts from an approved Buccaneer Retailer. The bolt fixings should be tightened in the sequence shown in the diagram below. Do NOT simply tighten clockwise or anti clockwise.
  • Page 74: Jacking

    (vii) Insert the wheel locating pins (supplied is 150kgs. within your Buccaneer kit box) into holes 4 LUBRICATION and 5 and then slide the wheel onto the locating pins.
  • Page 75: Maintenance Of Your Bpw Chassis

    WARNING: Holes must not be made without approval of the chassis manufacturer. The following maintenance instructions relate to product whether it can be used for BPW caravan the BPW chassis fitted to your Buccaneer axles and suspensions without any risk to safety. caravan. They are a constituent part of the This applies even if an accredited test authority warranty conditions.
  • Page 76: Storage

    STORAGE Caravan covers may be used to protect your new LONG TERM & WINTER STORAGE Buccaneer caravan provided that the cover used If the caravan is to be stored for any length of is of a breathable type. time, especially over the winter period, the...
  • Page 77 STORAGE 12-2...
  • Page 78: Warranty

    WARRANTY (ii) That the original construction of the WARRANTY caravan has not been tampered with or 3-YEAR MANUFACTURER’S repaired other than by Explorer Group or WARRANTY an approved Retailer or Service Centre. Subject to the following conditions, your caravan (iii) That an “annual” service, damp and safety is supplied with a manufacturer’s warranty for 3 check has been carried out by an approved years from the original date of purchase, at no...
  • Page 79 WARRANTY otherwise), costs, expenses or other claims for compensation howsoever arising. (xii) No liability will be accepted for any accidental or fire damage or any loss incurred by accident or fire. (xiii) The unexpired period of the 3-year warranty or the 5 year water ingress is transferable to second and subsequent owners during the warranty period.
  • Page 80: Code Of Practice - Water Ingress

    CODE OF PRACTICE - WATER INGRESS CUSTOMER OBLIGATION - SERVICING CODE OF PRACTICE - WATER It is a condition of your warranty that your INGRESS caravan must have an “annual” service, damp and At Explorer we want our customers to be sure safety check and this should be carried out by an that, in buying one of our caravans, you are buying Explorer Group approved Retailer or Service...
  • Page 81: Remedial Work

    CODE OF PRACTICE - WATER INGRESS identifying the required component: (i) Model and make of caravan (ii) VIN number (iii) Description of required part (iv) Photograph, size or diagram of required part Please Note: All parts must be ordered and supplied through an approved retailer.
  • Page 82: Caravan Construction - Main Components

    Awnings which employ rubber system. Buccaneer utilizes the new BPW V-TEC sucker attachments rather than screw fixings are Chassis System. recommended.
  • Page 83 CARAVAN CONSTRUCTION 15-2...
  • Page 85: Equipment List

    EQUIPMENT LIST 16-2...
  • Page 86: Electrical Drawings

  • Page 87: Wiring Diagram - Buccaneer

  • Page 88: Road Lights - Buccaneer

  • Page 89 ELECTRICAL DRAWINGS 17-4...
  • Page 90: Technical Specifications

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS BUCCANEER Model Corsair Clipper Number of Berths Interior Length 5599mm (18’5”) 6260mm (20’6”) Exterior Body Length 6429mm (21’0”) 6960mm (22’10”) Shipping Length 7319mm (24’1”) 7960mm (26’2”) Overall Width 2300mm (7’6”) 2300mm (7’6”) Overall Height 2580mm (8’6”) 2580mm (8’6”)
  • Page 91 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS BUCCANEER (continued) Model Caravel Schonner Number of Berths Interior Length 6260mm (20’6”) 6260mm (20’6”) Exterior Body Length 6960mm (22’10”) 6960mm (22’10”) Shipping Length 7960mm (26’2”) 7960mm (26’2”) Overall Width 2300mm (7’6”) 2300mm (7’6”) Overall Height 2580mm (8’6”) 2580mm (8’6”) Maximum Headroom 1908mm (6’3”)
  • Page 92: General Questions

    Q: What Is The Correct Awning Size For My Caravan? A: Ground to ground awning measurements for Buccaneer caravans can be found by looking in the latest model section, the Product Archive section on our website, or by referring to the relevant Technical Specification section of this handbook.
  • Page 93 Q: Where Can I Get Spare Parts For My Caravan? A: Retailers will be able to source most parts you require. For details of your nearest Buccaneer Retailer please refer to our Find A Retailer section on our website, or call 01207 699 000 for assistance.
  • Page 94 GLOSSARY Bunk Bed GLOSSARY This is a sleeping place, usually higher up than a 13 pin plug conventional bed. Often (but not always) this can The plug used to connect the caravans electrical be folded or removed to provide additional living system to your towing vehicle to enable the road space.
  • Page 95 GLOSSARY Coupling Head - See hitch. Gas Cylinder This is a portable, pressurized container for the CRiS storage of LPG. This is the Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme. It is a voluntary scheme which registers Gas Cylinder Locker caravans in a similar manner to how motor Is the compartment on the caravan for the vehicles are registered.
  • Page 96 GLOSSARY Ingress Maximum Permissible Towing Weight Usually meaning water ingress, a possible problem This is the maximum weight that the towing where water seeps in at the joins, usually as a vehicle is allowed to tow. result of worn sealant. Maximum User Payload Jack This is the maximum payload available for the...
  • Page 97 GLOSSARY Payload Space Heater The amount you can put into a caravan. This is a type of heating equipment for the living Specifically the difference between the Maximum quarters. Modern units fitted offer gas and mains- Technical Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM) and operation.
  • Page 98 GLOSSARY Vehicle Kerb weight The weight of the tow car often indicated in the manufacturers specifications.. VIN - Vehicle Identification Number This is a unique serial identification number for a vehicle. All Cars and motor caravans should carry a VIN. Caravans are not obliged to, but most of those sold in recent years in the UK do as a result of the CRiS voluntary registration scheme.
  • Page 99: Glossary

    GLOSSARY 20-6...
  • Page 100: Service Documents

    SERVICE DOCUMENTS SERVICE DOCUMENTS TOURING CARAVANS - ANNUAL SERVICE RECORD In order to take full use of your warranty offered by The Explorer Group Limited it is essential that your caravan is serviced within the time scale laid down in the warranty terms and conditions. See Index - Warranty Terms &...
  • Page 101 SERVICE DOCUMENTS SECTION (E) GAS INSTALLATION SECTION (F) FINAL Hotplate Road test Refrigerator Heater Leak tested Water heated Fully operational CARE WARRANTY Your caravan is covered by the 3 year warranty, it is a condition of this warranty that a service and safety check is carried out by your caravan retailer at least once a year (12 months from the date of purchase) in accordance with the National Caravan Council recommendations.
  • Page 102 SERVICE DOCUMENTS 5th SERVICE 6th SERVICE DATE: DATE: RETAILERS STAMP: RETAILERS STAMP: I/We certify that an annual service has been I/We certify that an annual service has been carried out in accordance with the carried out in accordance with the manufacturers’...
  • Page 103 SERVICE DOCUMENTS 13th SERVICE 14th SERVICE DATE: DATE: RETAILERS STAMP: RETAILERS STAMP: I/We certify that an annual service has been I/We certify that an annual service has been carried out in accordance with the carried out in accordance with the manufacturers’...
  • Page 104: Index

    Chassis Spare Parts ....... 11-6 Overseas Electrical Connection ... 6-2 Cleaning of all Taps ......11-2 Power Supply Charger ....6-1 Cooking Equipment ...... 11-2 Entertainment System ...... 9-28 Exterior Cleaning ......11-1 Equipment List Furniture ......... 11-2 Buccaneer ........16-1 22-1...
  • Page 105 Thetford N175 LCD ....... 9-6 Gas Safety Advice ......... 7-1 Reversing ..........4-1 Generators / Charger ......8-1 Road Lights Glossary ..........20-1 Buccaneer ........17-3 Rooflight ..........9-20 Handbrake ..........3-5 Heating System Safety, general ........2-1 Alde ..........9-10 Satellite Dish ........
  • Page 106 Years 1 - 3 ........13-1 Years 2 & 3 ........13-1 Water System ........6-4 Connection ........6-5 Draining ..........6-5 Wheel Changing ........ 11-4 Wheel Lock Diamond ...... 10-2 Windows ..........9-22 Wiring Diagrams Buccaneer ........17-2 22-3...
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Advanced technology for cooling the world's fastest CPUs
If you're serious about high-performance computing and overclocking, you already know that
you've got to keep your PC's processor cool. In order to do this you need a CPU cooler that not
only outperforms your current heatsink, but also does it quietly.
The Hydro Series H70 has been designed to deliver exceptional levels of cooling performance, and
to provide significant headroom for overclocking your processor, quietly and reliably.
The Hydro Series H70 is an evolution of the award-winning Hydro Series H50, with several
significant upgrades that enable it to deliver even greater cooling performance. These upgrades
include a thicker 120mm radiator unit (50mm) with a higher heat-exchanging capacity, and a more
efficient, low-profile pump/cold-plate unit that can soak up more heat and provide even lower
CPU temperatures. The Hydro Series H70 also features two speed-switchable 120mm cooling fans
in a push-pull configuration to provide powerful cooling airflow at low noise levels.
The Hydro Series H70 is compatible with all current CPU socket designs, including Intel LGA775,
LGA1156 and LGA1366, and AMD Socket AM2 and Socket AM3.
Fan Dimensions
Air Flow
Noise Level
120 x 50mm
1600 or 2000 RPM
1.8 – 2.3mm H2O (per fan)
©2010 Corsair Memory, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Document Number: 49-00087
120mm Radiator (50mm thickness)
AMD AM2/AM3, Intel 775, 1156, 1366
Sealed and pre-filled. No maintenance.
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Summary of Contents for Corsair CWCH70

  • Page 1 50.35 – 61.2 CFM (per fan) Static Pressure 1.8 – 2.3mm H2O (per fan) Low profile pump & copper cold plate Noise Level 26 – 31.5 dBA (per fan) Sealed and pre-filled. No maintenance. ©2010 Corsair Memory, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Document Number: 49-00087...
  • Page 2 The fans are speed-switchable between 2000rpm for maximum cooling performance and overclocking flexibility, for enthusiasts who want to push their CPUs to the limit, and 1600rpm for those who want a balance between powerful cooling performance and low sound levels. ©2010 Corsair Memory, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Document Number: 49-00087...
  • Page 3 Lower weight and bulk – puts minimal stress on the motherboard and makes it easier to fit Compact cooling block – more flexible installs; doesn’t impede other components, such as RAM The Corsair Hydro H70 offers higher cooling performance, lower noise and better overall system reliability compared to competing premium CPU cooling solutions.
  • Page 4 There are two options for configuring the airflow of the Corsair Hydro Series H70 when you install it into your chassis. The approach recommended by Corsair is to install the fans so that they draw in cool air from outside the chassis. This ensures that the delta between the air temperature and the temperature of the radiator is maximized, which increases cooling performance according to Newton’s Law of Cooling.
  • Page 5 Temperature-logging software Everest Ultimate Everest Ultimate includes the facility to log the temperatures of each CPU core in your processor. A free trial version is available at ©2010 Corsair Memory, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Document Number: 49-00087...
  • Page 6 CPU cores from the checkmark list and Hit OK. Logging CPU temperature data using Everest Ultimate Edition 2. Use a stand-alone thermometer or other temperature measuring device to log room temperature. This is the AMBIENT temperature (tAM). ©2010 Corsair Memory, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Document Number: 49-00087...
  • Page 7 Calculate the average CPU temperature using the function “=average (data range)”. This is tAV Calculate the Delta T. a. Calculate the CPU DeltaT using the formula tAV - tAM = DeltaT ©2010 Corsair Memory, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Document Number: 49-00087...
  • Page 8 The following results are indicative of the level of performance that you should expect to see from the Corsair Hydro Series H70 CPU cooler at full fan speeds. If your results differ significantly from those shown in the graph below then please contact your local Corsair representative to discuss the results before publishing your review.