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Ja mam povodne company of heroes napalene od kamarata a datadisk opposing fronts tiez napaleny pokial mate origose malo by vam to ist v pohodne. no ale ak mate napalene tak ak chcete hrat povodnu hru chodte podla tohto: cize musite mat obidve hry ( povodnu aj datadisk). nainstalujte datadisk opposing fronts. pri instalacii pouzite serial 4825-03cf-668e-1765-fd43 ( mozno to pojde aj s inym ale nemam odskusane). a retail cod dajte 4B9E-488D-B797. retail cod sa pise hned pod serial ( v instalacii). no ale ak to nainstalujete s retail codom tak vam hned povodne strany nepojdu. musite dat v menu kliknut na americku kampan ( bude zamknuta) a dat tam TENTO serial 9294-8231-8be6-7844.7bd7. no a potom dat OK a hra sa vas opyta kde ste kupily povodne company of heroes. dajte retail store ( to uplne hore) a hra si vypyta do mechaniky cd POVODNEHO company of heroes. tak ho tam dajte. ak ho mate vo formate ISO ( alebo iny format vyrtualnej mechaniky) tak ked ho nacitate tak vam to napise ze ' emulation detected' cize tak to nepojde. musite mat povodne company of heroes napalene na DVD ( moze byt aj RW) ale nesmie to byt subor vyrtualnej mechaniky. cize musi to byt normalne. ak to tak mate tak ho dajte do mechaniky a kliknite retail store a continue a pojde vam to. budete mat styri ' rasy': povodnych nemcov ( wehrmacht) a americanov z povodneho company of heroes a novych britov a panzer elite. Prijemne hranie prajem . ak mate nejaky problem piste na alebo na ICQ 468738339. alebo ak my chcete ako darcek poslat cestinu tak mozte tiez.

When you put in your codes you will get 4 new games added to your game library (if you have bought it on steam it will automatically add the new steam version), just download the new steam version, if you have the Opposing Fronts Expansion and the Tales of Valor one, they will be counted as DLCs to the game, you can check them by right clicking the game and pressing properties, then going to the DLC section. Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts CD Key? A few months ago I uninstalled Company of Heroes: OF to make room for newer games I had bought at the time. Anyways, I felt like playing it again, so I reinstalled.

1.1 General Information1.1.1 What is Company of Heroes? (0 comments)

Company of Heroes is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game set in World War II that follow the men of Able Company as they fight the Axis forces through Europe. It features realistic graphics, advanced AI, deformable terrain and destructible buildings powered by the Essence Engine. [Back to Top]

[Source: Company of Heroes Official Website]

1.1.2 Who is the developer behind Company of Heroes? (0 comments)

Company of Heroes is being developed by Relic Entertainment, and published by THQ Inc. Relic is well known for their work on RTS games, including Homeworld, Homeworld 2, and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. [Back to Top]

[Source: Company of Heroes Official Website]

1.1.3 What platforms is it available for? (0 comments)

Company of Heroes is available for the PC (on either PC-ROM or DVD-ROM), and will be available for wireless devices in October 2006. [Back to Top]

1.1.4 When was Company of Heroes released? (4 comments)

The game was released on September 11, 2006 for North American audiences. A European release occurred on September 29th. [Back to Top]

[Source: Planet Company of Heroes CoH Release Countdown]

1.1.5 Where can I find the game’s official website? (0 comments)

The official Company of Heroes site is located here. Chudi jo khanki hathon me mp3 song download. [Back to Top]

1.1.6 What is Company of Heroes rated? (0 comments)

Company of Heroes is rated 'M' for Mature. [Back to Top]

[Source: Tranj @ Planet Company of Heroes Forums]

1.1.7 Will we see Company of Heroes on consoles? (0 comments)

No. While THQ and Relic have both stated that they've been looking into bringing RTS games onto consoles, THQ has recently announced that Company of Heroes will not make the transition, although they declined to give any reasons as to why not. [Back to Top]

[Source: IGN news piece.]

1.1.8 What does the Collector's Edition contain? (2 comments)


In addition to recieving the game on DVD, you also get the following goodies:

'Collector's Edition includes an exclusive D-Day map detailing the Able Company's battles across France, a paratrooper's survival guide, authentic vehicle identification quiz cards and a behind-the-scenes interactive DVD, all in a steelbook case' [Back to Top]

1.1.9 Will there be a follow-up? (0 comments)

Yes! It's called Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. Check it out![Back to Top]

1.1.11 I've lost my Company of Heroes/Opposing Fronts CD-key! (0 comments)

Contact THQ Support for assistance. They can be contacted via this website, or you can contact them using the details found here. If for some reason you have not registered your CD-key with a Relic Online account, THQ will not be able to recover it, and you may be forced to purchase another key for a small fee. [Back to Top]

1.1.12 I have both Company of Heroes and Opposing Fronts. What product should I install first? (0 comments)

Install Opposing Fronts first. From there, use the Add Product option in the in-game log in screen and add your Company of Heroes CD-key to fully unlock all Company of Heroes content. [Back to Top]

1.2 Gameplay1.2.1 What factions are in the game? (2 comments)

In the single player campaign, you will be able to play as the Allies. In the multiplayer modes, you will be able to select either Axis or Allies. [Back to Top]

1.2.2 What resources are found in the game? (1 comment)

The three resources found in the game are Manpower, Munitions, and Fuel. Manpower allows for building squads, Munitions is used for purchasing upgrades and using abilities, while Fuel is important for unlocking technology and building vehicles. [Back to Top]

[Source: GameSpy Company of Heroes Preview]

1.2.3 What do sector control points do? (1 comment)

A sectors control points allow you to take control of a sector, which in turn allows you to receive more Manpower, Munitions, and Fuel. Benefits to securing territory also include the ability to build defenses in the territory. There is a catch, however. Some sectors may only give you access to a specific resource, meaning sectors are of the utmost importance to maintaining a varied army. If one of your sectors is cut off from a clear connection to the rest of your sectors, it won’t generate you resources. So ensure that your sectors are secure at all times! [Back to Top]

[Source: Tacit @Relicnews Forums]

1.2.4 How do I keep my units in supply, and what advantage does that have? (1 comment)

If the sector your units are fighting in is owned by you and has a connection to other sectors you control, your units are in supply. This gives you a strategic advantage, as you can now upgrade these units and allow them to perform special abilities. In addition, you may build defensive structures in these sectors. [Back to Top]

[Source: Tacit @Relicnews Forums]

1.2.5 What is the tactical map? (1 comment)

The tactical map is an overhead view of the battlefield that shows where the frontlines are, and who controls each sector. This helps you ensure that your units are constantly in supply. [Back to Top]

[Source: Gamespot Pre-E3 Hands-On]

1.2.6 Is there in-building battles? (2 comments)

No. You can’t see the action going on inside, and that’s no fun! [Back to Top]

1.2.7 Can squad weapons be upgraded with special weapons? (0 comments)

Yes, you will be able to upgrade the weaponry utilized by your units as your technology improves. [Back to Top]

[Source: Tacit @Relicnews Forums]

1.2.8 Can units recieve experience? (0 comments)

Yes. Over time, your units will become elite troops through participating in and surviving battles. When an experienced unit dies, their experience is redistributed back into their squad. [Back to Top]

[Source: Gamespot Pre-E3 Hands-On]

1.2.9 Is there hand to hand combat? (5 comments)

Nope. It's all about the guns!

[Source: Tranj @Relicnews Forums]

1.2.10 Is it possible to garrison troops inside buildings? (0 comments)

Yes, but be careful; if the building is destroyed, troops inside and near it will be injured. [Back to Top]

[Source: Gamespot Designer Diary #2]

1.2.11 Is it be possible to suppress enemy troops with heavy fire? (0 comments)

Yes. Use strategy when commanding your troops to get the upper hand in battle! Weapons like machine guns are especially good at suppressing enemy troops. [Back to Top]

[Source: IGN's Company of Heroes Preview]

1.2.12 Do effects such as smoke affect whether or not a unit can be fired at? (2 comments)

Yes. Anything that can affect vision can be used to your advantage. Or if you're not careful, your disadvantage. [Back to Top]

[Source: Gamespot Exclusive First Look]

1.2.13 Does the advanced AI used help reduce micromanagement? (0 comments)

Yes. You don’t need to “baby sit” your units, they’ll already know the best position to take, allowing them to execute real infantry tactics during battles on their own initiative. [Back to Top]

[Source: Company of Heroes Official Website]

1.2.14 Can I build bases? (1 comment)

Yes, you can build bases, but don’t expect to build massive installations! Using engineers (Allies) or Pioneers (Axis), you are able to build small frontline buildings as well, including light armor, heavy armor, and barracks. If you upgrade garrisoned buildings into either barracks or factories, you can build units there too. [Back to Top]

[Source: Gamespot Pre-E3 Hands-On]

1.2.15 What is this “unique team-based” mode? (1 comment)

Relic is working to create a strong team-oriented experience. Gone of the days are targeting one player and taking them out, Company of Heroes introduces a 'live together, die together' mode of co-op play. When playing in a team co-op game, players will continue to respawn after their death until the opposing team wipes out all of the players or completes the mission objectives. [Back to Top]

[Source: Gamespot Pre-E3 Hands-On]

1.2.16 What are “Commander Trees”? (0 comments)

Commander Trees are an addition to the tech tree that allows you to specialize your army. They’re used to complement your playing style, allowing you to either concentrate on a specific specialization, such as troops or vehicles, or allow you to create a well-rounded force. [Back to Top]

[Source: BoomTown E3 2006 Impressions]

1.2.17 So how do these “advanced physics” affect gameplay? (0 comments)

Your units now take full advantage of their environment. Blast a hole in a building or wall, and they’ll use it to their advantage. The battlefield is constantly changing, and so will the tactics your troops utilize! [Back to Top]

[Source: Gamespot Designer Diary #2]

1.2.18 Is there a skirmish mode? (0 comments)

Yes! In skirmish mode, you will be able to play several different gameplay modes against the AI as either the Allies or Axis. [Back to Top]

[Source: Tranj @Relicnews Forums]

1.2.19 Can I pick up weapons from the fallen? (2 comments)

Yes, any special weapon that is dropped by fallen soldiers can be picked up by either side. [Back to Top]

[Source: Tranj @Relicnews Forums]

1.2.20 Is there a fog of war? (0 comments)

Yes. [Back to Top]

[Source: Middle Earth Vault's E3 2006 Stage Demo Video]

1.2.21 Do units have context sensitive chatter? (1 comment)

Yes! Units have a massive amount of context sensitive chatter, so you can expect a realistic feel from your troops and they communicate with other members of their squad. [Back to Top]

[Source: Tranj @Relicnews Forums ]

1.2.22 Do the Axis speak German in-game? (0 comments)

In the single player campaign Axis troops will speak German, but they speak English with a German accent in the multiplayer mode. [Back to Top]

[Source: Tranj @ Relicnews Forums]

1.2.23 What do medics do? (0 comments)

Medics will rush out into the battlefield and grab injured infantry, bringing them back to their medical structure. Once it has enough infantry (6 for the Allies, 5 for the Axis), it deploys a basic infantry squad (Riflemen for the Allies, Grenadier Squads for the Axis) to the battlefield.

Company Of Heroes Opposing Fronts Product Key

Units will not automatically fire at medics, but can be told to do so through a direct order to attack. [Back to Top]

1.3 Opposing Fronts1.3.1 So what is Opposing Fronts? (0 comments)

The follow-up to Company of Heroes, CoH: Opposing Fronts is a stand-alone title that follows the German Panzer Elite division as they fight through the epic Operation Market Garden, and the British 2nd Army as they're forced to fight an intense battle for Caen, France. It'll contain new sides, doctrines, units, maps, game modes, and much, much more. Opposing Fronts is a stand-alone title and does not require the original Company of Heroes title to play. [Back to Top]

1.3.2 Does CoH: Opposing Fronts require the original Company of Heroes? (0 comments)

No. It is a stand-alone title, meaning that you don't need Company of Heroes to play it. But you should own Company of Heroes anyways! [Back to Top]

1.3.3 How many campaigns are there? (0 comments)

There are two campaigns. One follows the German Panzer Elite division through Market Garden, and the other follows the British 2nd Army as they fight for Caen, France. Back to Top]

1.3.4 What is the game's release date? (0 comments)

The game was released in North America on September 24th, 2007.[Back to Top]

1.3.5 What are the new British doctrines? (0 comments)

The new British doctrines are..

Royal Canadian Artillery - Pound at your enemies with the M7 Priest and its multiple modes of fire. Also charge up a unit’s ammunition to give it added range.Royal Commandos - Use Special Air Service units to go behind the enemy lines and wreck havoc. The Royal Commando doctrine also allows dropping light tanks into the enemy battlefield. Royal Commandos can also allow a commander to see the enemy's tech tree and build queue.Royal Engineers - Can summon the British Churchill tank, improve emplacements, create cover for tanks, and improve mobile HQ vehicles over time.[Back to Top]

1.3.6 What are the new German doctrines? (0 comments)

The new Axis doctrines are as follows:Scorched Earth - Powerful roadblocks, creating environmental craters. This Panzer Elite doctrine focuses on making things tough for the enemy by using the terrain to annoy and inconvenience your enemy.Luftwaffe - Fallschrimjagers, flak cannons, the Henschel Hs 129 tank buster, and an airplane armed with the deadly 75mm Panzer IV gun.Tank Hunters - Use the Jagdpanther to your advantage.[Back to Top]

1.3.7 Will CoH: OF owners be able to play against people who only own the original Company of Heroes? (0 comments)


If you own only the original game, you'll be able to play online as the Americans and the Wehrmacht found in Company of Heroes. If you venture online, you'll be able to play against not only the original Axis/Allies teams, but the Opposing Fronts armies as well. However, you can not play as them.

If you own only Opposing Fronts, you'll be able to play as either British or Panzer Elite, and you'll be able to play against the British, Panzer Elite, and the Axis and Allies from the original game. However, you'll only be able to play as the British or Panzer Elite.

If you own both Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, you'll be able to play as and against any of the four armies.

However, mirror matching is still not allowed. Meaning you'll still only be able to play as Axis vs Allies. [Back to Top]

1.3.8 How long is the Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts campaign supposed to be? (0 comments)

About 15-20 hours. [Back to Top]

1.3.9 What is this new 'tactical sound'? (0 comments)

All weapons will have their own unique and realistic sound effects. So if you're a weapons buff, you'll be able to identify each weapon by their sounds. [Back to Top]

1.3.10 How long has Opposing Fronts been in development? (0 comments)

Relic has been working on Opposing Fronts before the original Company of Heroes even shipped. [Back to Top]

1.3.11 Do weather effects have any affect on multiplayer battles? (0 comments)

While players are able to choose the time of day and weather conditions when creating their game, it does no affect the actual gameplay itself. [Back to Top]

1.3.12 What is mission persistence? (0 comments)

Mission persistence means that objectives you completed in previous missions could affect the single player campaign later through the game. For example, if you completed the bonus objective of destroying an airbase in one mission, it is possible the enemy could have less airborne support in further missions. [Back to Top]

1.3.13 How do I use the vanilla Company of Heroes teams? (0 comments)

When you're prompted to log into Relic Online, select 'Add Products', and input your Company of Heroes CD key. [Back to Top]

1.3.14 What are the Opposing Fronts system requirements? (0 comments)

The system requirements are as follows:


• Windows® XP or Vista• 2.0 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent or AMD Athlon XP or equivalent• Windows XP – 512 MB RAM with dedicated memory video cards (1GB RAM required for shared memory video cards)• Windows Vista – 1GB RAM• 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 64MB video card with Pixel Shader 1.1 support or equivalent and latest manufacturer drivers (see supported chipsets below)• DirectX® 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card• DVD-ROM drive• Keyboard, Mouse• 10 GB of uncompressed free hard drive space (We recommend having 1 gigabyte of free space after installation)


Direct3D 9:

• 3.0 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent• 1 GB RAM• 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series or better

Direct3D 10:

• 3.0 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent• 2 GB RAM• 640 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 series or better


• 1 set of discs per computer• For 6-8 player multiplayer or skirmish matches, the Recommended System Requirements are strongly suggested• Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported. Internet play requires broadband connection and latest drivers. LAN play requires network interface card and latest drivers. [Back to Top]

1.4 Single Player1.4.1 What can I expect from the single player campaign? (0 comments)

Relic promises it to be a cinematic experience. You’ll start with the Allied invasion of Normandy as you follow the exploits of Able Company as you play through a campaign to rescue Europe from the hands of the Axis. [Back to Top]

[Source: Company of Heroes Official Website]

1.4.2 How many scenarios does the game have? (0 comments)

The game has 15 single-player scenarios. [Back to Top]

1.4.3 Can I play as the Axis in the single player campaign? (3 comments)

No, the single player campaign follows the Allies' Able Company. [Back to Top]

[Source: Company of Heroes Official Website]

1.4.4 What reward is there for getting all the campaign medals? (0 comments)

A glowing, warm sense of achievement! [Back to Top]

1.4.5 Where can I find cheats? (0 comments)

You can find single player cheats right here. [Back to Top]

1.5 Multiplayer1.5.1 What ports does Relic Online use? (1 comment)

Relic Online uses the following ports:

UDP 6112UDP 30260

If you're using Windows Firewall, be sure to check out this guide.A good general guide on how to open ports can be found here. If you use a D-Link router, check out their FAQ. Please be sure to check your router's documentation for a full guide.

1.5.2 What online service does Company of Heroes use? (3 comments)

Company of Heroes utilizes Relic's own online system called Relic Online. It contains all the features you'd expect from a top of the line service, and more! [Back to Top]

1.5.3 What does adding a user as a friend do? (0 comments)

If you add a user as a friend, you will be able to check their status, invite them into games, and much more. [Back to Top]

1.5.4 How many multiplayer maps does the game have? (0 comments)

The game shipped with 15 multiplayer maps, and 3 more were added in through patches. The release of Opposing Fronts added another 15 maps, bringing the total to 33. You can view them all right here! In addition, there are hundreds of user-made maps available for download. [Back to Top]

1.5.5 Is there a leaderboard system? (0 comments)

Yes, you can check stats and the leaderboard by either selecting the Leaderboards tab in Relic Online, or visiting Relic's online ladder system. [Back to Top]

1.5.6 What commands can I use in Relic Online? (0 comments)

The following commands are available for use in Relic Online:

/help -> Displays help info/whisper [name] [text] -> Send a private message to a user/w [name] [text] -> Send a private message to a user/reply -> Reply to the last whisper recieved/r -> Reply to the last whisper recievedaddfriend [name] -> Sends a friend request/removefriend [name] -> Removes a friend from your buddy list/join [channel] -> Joins the specified channel/ignore [name] -> Ignores a user/unignore [name] -> Unignores a user[Back to Top] [Back to Top]

1.5.7 Are there limits to how many people can be in a chat channel? (0 comments)

Yes, at the moment there is a limit of 100 people per channel. [Back to Top]

1.5.8 I forgot my Relic Online password, can I reset it? (3 comments)

Yes. If you have forgotten your password, connect to the Relic Online account selection screen, select 'Forgot Password', and enter your CD key. From there, you will be able to answer the secret question you specified when setting your account up, and will be able to send the password to the e-mail address you registered for Relic Online under. [Back to Top]

1.5.9 How do I open my ports in Windows Firewall? (0 comments)

Samodelkin has created an excellent tutorial which can be found right here. [Back to Top]

1.5.10 Will Relic Online have clan support? (0 comments)

Yes, clan support is one of the features Relic plans to add to Relic Online. [Back to Top]

1.5.11 How does the performance meter work? (0 comments)

The peformance meter is a measure of how well the game runs on your computer for that specific map size (2, 4, 6, and 8 player games). It takes the performance of your last 3 games on each map size, and calculates your performance based on that. [Back to Top]

1.5.12 I try to log into Relic Online, but it says my account is banned! (2 comments)

If you have transferred your CD key over three times or found yourself banned for no apparent reason, contact THQ Support and they'll assist you. However, you must be prepared to show proof of purchase. If you violated the Relic Online Exploitation and Harassment policy, check your e-mail for a reason as to why you were banned. [Back to Top]

1.5.13 I caught someone cheating, what do I do? (0 comments)

Use this system to report them. [Back to Top]

1.6 Technical1.6.1 What are the system specifications? (6 comments)

Such a great looking game requires a powerful engine. Therefore, Company of Heroes is a pretty demanding game .As such, the minimum specs are as follows: Pentium 4 @ 2.0 GHz (or equivalent AMD processor), 512MB of system RAM, and a 64MB DirectX 9.0 compatible video card that supports pixel shader 1.1. You’ll have to refer to the game’s Readme for a full list of supported graphics cards. In addition, the game will also support DirectX 10 when both the proper cards and Windows Vista are released.

However, for the best experience of Company of Heroes, we recommend the following spec: 3.0 GHz CPU, 1GB of system RAM, and an nVidia GeForce 6800 with 256MB of RAM (or equivalent). [Back to Top]

1.6.2 Will I be able to play CoH if I don’t have Windows Vista? (6 comments)

Company of Heroes will be playable on non-Vista Windows platforms, utilizing DirectX 9. [Back to Top]

1.6.3 So what is the Essence Engine? (0 comments)

Created from scratch by Relic, the Essence Engine was designed to utilize advanced graphical effects such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting, advanced shader effects, and normal mapping in addition to providing realistic AI, beautiful graphics, and deformable terrain. [Back to Top]

[Source: ActionTrip Company of Heroes Preview]

1.6.4 How are physics handled? (0 comments)

The Havok 3 Physics Engine handles all of CoH’s advanced physics. [Back to Top]

[Source: Relic Entertainment/THQ Inc.]

1.6.5 Just how destructible is the terrain? (1 comment)

Completely! If it’s there, you can blow it up. [Back to Top]

[Source: GameSpy Company of Heroes Preview]

1.6.6 Is the in-game camera controllable? (0 comments)

Yes, it fully rotates and can zoom in as well, allowing you to see the battle from either an isometric view or up close, depending on your preference. [Back to Top]

[Source: GameZone Company of Heroes Preview]

1.6.7 How are cut scenes handled? (0 comments)

Cut scenes are done with the in-game engine. [Back to Top]

[Source: EuroGamer E3 Preview]

1.6.8 Will Company of Heroes support dual core systems? (0 comments)

Yes, thanks to Relic’s experience with The Outfit for the Xbox 360, Company of Heroes will be able utilize high end hardware such as 64-bit and dual core processors. [Back to Top]

[Source: Intel]

1.6.9 Are widescreen displays supported? (3 comments)

Yes. [Back to Top]

1.6.10 Are there fast forward/rewind commands for replays? (0 comments)

Yes, this function was added in patch 1.3. Now go watch some replays! [Back to Top]

1.6.11 Does the game support custom hotkeys? (1 comment)

Yes, Relic has allowed players to set up and reconfigure their own hotkeys through editing your config files. [Back to Top]

1.6.12 Does Company of Heroes support my video card? (4 comments)

Company of Heroes supports the following video cards:

ATI Radeon 9500 seriesATI Radeon 9600 seriesATI Radeon 9700 seriesATI Radeon 9800 seriesATI Radeon X300 seriesATI Radeon X550 seriesATI Radeon X600 seriesATI Radeon X700 seriesATI Radeon X800 seriesATI Radeon X1300 seriesATI Radeon X1600 seriesATI Radeon X1800 seriesATI Radeon X1900 series, or better with latest manufacturer drivers. NVIDIA GeForce3/Ti seriesNVIDIA GeForce4/Ti (excluding the GeForce4MX series)NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 seriesNVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 seriesNVIDIA GeForce 6200 seriesNVIDIA GeForce 6600 seriesNVIDIA GeForce 6800 seriesNVIDIA GeForce 7300 seriesNVIDIA GeForce 7600 seriesNVIDIA GeForce 7800 seriesNVIDIA GeForce 7900 series or better with latest manufacturer drivers.

[Back to Top]

1.6.13 What are the console commands? (0 comments)

You can find a list of the console commands right here. [Back to Top]

1.6.14 How do I start Company of Heroes without the intro movies? (1 comment)

To disable the opening videos, simply add -nomovies to the target path of your Company of Heroes .exe file. You can do this by right clicking the .exe/shortcut, selecting properties, and adding -nomovies to the end of the target path.

Example: 'C:Program FilesTHQCompany of HeroesRelicCOH.exe' -nomovies [Back to Top]

1.6.15 What does the graphical option 'Post-Processing' do? (1 comment)

Similar to HDR (High Dynamic Range-rendering), Post-Processing allows for a new lighting method to be used in the game. Basically, it allows bright things to be really bright, dark things to be really dark, and allows the user to see the detail in both dark/bright lighting. So if you're using Post-Processing, the game will look better but take quite a performance hit. So if you're using a lower-end system, it is recommended you turn it off to improve your framerate. [Back to Top]

1.6.16 How do I open the console? (0 comments)

Hit CTRL + SHIFT + TILDE(~). To close it, hit CTRL + SHIFT + TILDE(~) again. [Back to Top]

1.6.17 I can't see my units, all I see is their shadows! Why? (1 comment)

I have some bad news for you; your video card isn't support. If you're video card isn't on this list, the game isn't going to work, sorry. [Back to Top]

1.6.18 I have a DirectX 10 card, can I use DirectX 10 with Company of Heroes? (0 comments)

Yes. If you have a DX10 video card, Windows Vista, and Company of Heroes with patch 1.70 installed, you can enable the DirectX 10 mode. Check here for more details. [Back to Top]

1.6.19 I have a Celeron D proccessor. Will this meet the game's requirements? (0 comments)

Yes. The Celeron D series is equivalent to a Pentium 4 CPU. And since the speeds range from 2.13 GHz - 3.33 GHz, they'll meet and beat the game's processor requirement. [Back to Top]

1.6.20 I put Company of Heroes in my CD drive, and nothing loads. (1 comment)

If your computer isn't picking up Company of Heroes in your drive, try another CD drive. Alternatively, check to ensure that you are putting a CD version into the CD drive. If you purchased a DVD version, it will only work in a DVD drive. [Back to Top]

1.6.21 How do I save a screenshot? (1 comment)

To save a screenshot, hit the 'Prnt Scrn' button on your keyboard. From there, the game will save your shot to C:My DocumentsMy GamesCompany of Heroesscreenshots

If you're looking to make your screenshot really cinematic, you may want to check out our console commands section for more details on how to remove the HUD and messages.

Once you're done that, why not share your shot with us right here? [Back to Top]

1.6.22 How do I enable Cinematic Mode? (1 comment)

To enable the Cinematic Mode, first save your replay. After you've done that, head back to CoH's main menu. From there, hit 'Skirmish', and select the Recorded Games tab. There should be an option to check-off 'Cinematic mode'. Enable that, and you should be good to go. [Back to Top]

1.6.23 What are the Opposing Fronts system requirements? (0 comments)

The system requirements are as follows:


• Windows® XP or Vista• 2.0 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent or AMD Athlon XP or equivalent• Windows XP – 512 MB RAM with dedicated memory video cards (1GB RAM required for shared memory video cards)• Windows Vista – 1GB RAM• 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 64MB video card with Pixel Shader 1.1 support or equivalent and latest manufacturer drivers (see supported chipsets below)• DirectX® 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card• DVD-ROM drive• Keyboard, Mouse• 10 GB of uncompressed free hard drive space (We recommend having 1 gigabyte of free space after installation)


Direct3D 9:

• 3.0 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent• 1 GB RAM• 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series or better

Direct3D 10:

• 3.0 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent• 2 GB RAM• 640 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 series or better


• 1 set of discs per computer• For 6-8 player multiplayer or skirmish matches, the Recommended System Requirements are strongly suggested• Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported. Internet play requires broadband connection and latest drivers. LAN play requires network interface card and latest drivers. [Back to Top]

1.6.24 The game supports DirectX 10, does this mean I'll need Vista and a DX10 video card? (0 comments)

No. Although CoH: Opposing Fronts supports DirectX 10, it does not require it. Using DirectX 10 will just give you better graphics. But as we've seen, Company of Heroes looks absolutely fantastic in DirectX 9! [Back to Top]

1.6.25 What is this new copyright protection system? (0 comments)

Relic has introduced several new CD key changes in Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts to help combat piracy. Below are some important points about the new changes:

There is no limit to how many times you can install the game. CD keys can only be transferred 3 times. You don't need the disc to play if you have an active internet connection. If you don't, you'll need the disc. People who buy copies of the game used can reclaim the CD key to ensure they're not being ripped off. Your Relic Online account stores what products you have access to. This makes it very, very important that you don't forget your password, or you'll have to go through THQ's customer service! You can contact customer support to reset your RO password, or get a new key if you disabled your by transferring it too much. You can install the game on multiple computers, but you can only run it on one PC at a time.[Back to Top]

1.6.26 I have an AMD dual core processor, and my performance isn't what I'd expect it to be. (0 comments)

Please make sure you have the AMD dual core processor optimizer installed. If you do not, it is available for download here. [Back to Top]

1.6.27 What is environmental reverb? (1 comment)

Using convolution reverb, environmental reverb will give you better and more realistic sound. However, this comes at the trade-off of requiring more hardware power than standard audio. As a result, users with single-core CPUs (or Pentium D processors) and onboard sound will not be able to use this feature. [Back to Top]

1.6.28 I get an error saying I don't have enough virtual memory. (0 comments)

Company of Heroes requires at least 768MB of virtual memory. To set this amount, go to your computer's Control Panel, open the System icon, and select the Advanced tab. From here, go to the Performance box, hit the tab that says Advanced, and select 'Change' in the Virtual Memory box. From here, you should set Windows to manage your virtual memory. [Back to Top]

1.6.29 I have installed Opposing Fronts and can no longer play the original Company of Heroes (0 comments)

Load up Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, and select the 'Add Product' option. From here, enter your Company of Heroes CD-key to unlock the original Company of Heroes content. [Back to Top]

1.6.30 I experience a lot of crashing problems (1 comment)

Some software may conflict with Company of Heroes and cause crashing/performance issues. If you have any of these pieces of software, uninstall them for maximum performance/stability in Company of Heroes. A list of these programs can be found here. [Back to Top]

1.6.31 How do I unlock my framerate? (2 comments)

If your framerate is capped at 60 frames per second for any reason (such as playing in DirectX 10 mode), you can uncap it by adding -novsync to your target line. To do this, select your Company of Heroes shortcut, right click and select properties. From there, add -novsync on the end of the path in the Target line. On a normal install, it will look like this: “C:Program FilesTHQCompany of HeroesRelicCOH.exe” -novsync. While this will uncap your framerate, it may cause visible tearing in-game. Try it and see if you prefer with it on or off. [Back to Top]

1.6.32 I just got an error code..what does it mean? (0 comments)

Each error code has a different meaning. Use the following information to diagnose your problem:

Error code: 10006:00000017Your disc is either dirty or damaged. Try gently cleaning the disc with a fine cloth, or contact THQ about ordering a disc replacement.

Error code: 10028When you receive this error install Company of Heroes/Opposing Fronts or any patches that prompt this into a different folder/directory.

Error code 10104This error is the result of a patch finding incorrect data during the install process. Ensure you don't have any mods for Company of Heroes installed, or anything else that would have altered any Company of Heroes data. To correct this, reinstall Company of Heroes and apply the patch again.

Error code 10148Your patch is corrupt. Re-download it from an alternate source. We recommend using the Planet Company of Heroes patch database.

Error code 10199The installer could not create a shortcut for the game. Ensure that you're installing the game on a Windows account with full administrator privileges.

Error code 10212An error has reoccurred while installing Company of Heroes or Opposing Fronts. Reinstall Company of Heroes and attempt again.

Error code 10216Re-install Company of Heroes/Opposing Fronts and apply all the latest patches.

Error code 10260The installer could not properly patch Company of Heroes. Re-install the game and attempt to patch again.

Error code 10212 00000643Update your Windows Installer right here, and attempt to install the patch/game once again.

1.7 Modding1.7.1 Is Company of Heroes moddable? (8 comments)

Yes, Relic plans to support the modding community by releasing a variety of different tools for the game. These will include:

The Movie Maker, which allows users to create their own movies using scripted actions and sequences.The Unit Editor, allowing players to customize unit attributes and abilities in addition to importing their own models.The Attribute Editor, which allows modders to change the properties, such as resistance to damage or flammability, of objects found in the game.The Map Maker, allowing users to create their own maps.[Back to Top]

1.7.2 When will the mod tools be released? (0 comments)

The WorldBuilder tool was released as part of the retail 1.3 patch. [Back to Top]

1.7.3 I want to organize a mod. Where can I do this? (0 comments)

Stop by our forums, we have a section dedicated to modding! [Back to Top]

1.7.4 Where can I share my mods and maps? (0 comments)

If you've got a map or mod you'd like to share with the community, submit them to our maps and mods sections. We promote all submissions on our front page, so your project is guaranteed to get coverage! [Back to Top]

1.7.5 How do I play custom maps? (13 comments)

First, unpack the map to this directory:C:Program FilesTHQCompany of HeroesWW2DataScenariosMP[map name] (or whatever directory you defaulted your install to. You may also have to create the MP folder)

- Select RelicCOH from your installation directory.- right click and create shortcut- right click on the shortcut and bring up properties- in the properties target, add -dev- run the game from the shortcut.

In a default install, the shortcut target path should look something like this:'C:Program FilesTHQCompany of HeroesRelicCOH.exe' -dev [Back to Top]

1.8 WorldBuilder FAQ1.8.1 Where can I find the WorldBuilder? (1 comment)

You can find the WorldBuilder tool in your C:/Program Files/THQ/Company of Heroes directory, just click the 'WorldBuilder' icon. However, WorldBuilder is only available in patch 1.3 and higher, so make sure your copy of Company of Heroes is always up-to-date! [Back to Top]

1.8.2 Okay, I want to start a map. What now? (1 comment)

First, read the Relic Wiki. It contains a wealth of extremely useful CoH modding information, and it'll make your life a lot easier.

Second, plan out what kind of map you want in your head. The type of setting you want (urban, rural) and amount of players you plan to have the map support should both affect your design. You'll need to take into account features such as the environment, building/bridge placement, munition points, and more. If you want to have a balanced and competitive map, you're going to need to put a lot of thought into every aspect of its design! [Back to Top]

1.8.3 What should my Out of Bounds (OOB) area be? (1 comment)

The OOB area on your map should be at least 256 m larger than the actual playable area, and must be added when you create the map. This ensures that the edges of your map aren't visible, which allows you to give the appearance of an actual landscape. So if you're planning a map with 256 m of playable area, set the size to 512. [Back to Top]

1.8.4 How can I save my map? (0 comments)

The easiest way to save your map is using the Export Scenario in the WorldBuilder. It'll save your map to the following path: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsCompany of HeroesWW2Scenarios [Back to Top]

1.8.5 How do I place bases/starting defences/reinforcement points? (0 comments)

Hit the icon that looks like a man with a flag beside a tree on your WorldBuilder toolbar, which should bring up the Object Placement menu. On there, you'll need to add your starting HQ (ebpsgameplaystarting_position), map reinforcement point (ebpsgameplaymap_entry_point), and the location of the starting bunker defences (ebpsgameplaybunker_maker). An in-depth guide by Relic can be found here. [Back to Top]

1.9 Miscellaneous1.9.1 Will there be a beta? (4 comments)

Yes, a beta has already occurred for the game. [Back to Top]

1.9.2 Who created the game’s opening cinematic? (0 comments)

Blur Studio is working on the game’s opening cut scene. Their work can be found in a variety of products, including the stellar opening to Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. [Back to Top]


1.9.3 Is there a demo? (0 comments)

Yes, you can find the demo right here. It contains two missions from the single player campaign, and one skirmish map. A demo for Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts can be found right here. [Back to Top]

1.9.4 Where can I find replays? (0 comments)

Check out our Replays section! [Back to Top]

1.9.5 Where do I put replays I've downloaded? (2 comments)

To view replays, drop them into the following folder, then load them up in Company of Heroes.

My DocumentsMy GamesCompany of HeroesPlayback [Back to Top]

1.9.6 I want to unlock all the missions! How do I do this? (1 comment)

You want to unlock the missions in a cinematic, story-driven game? Well, okay, your call.

To do so, select your Company of Heroes .exe or shortcut, right click, and hit properties. From there, add -unlock_all_missions to the end of the target line.

Example: 'C:Program FilesTHQCompany of HeroesRelicCOH.exe' -unlock_all_missions

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