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I have decided to give bluestack a try for debugging and testing my android dev games. However I have discover that the tilt doesn't seem to work.

There seem to be a few config files in the app folder, but they are for specfic game and have a classpath associated with them. eg.. com.halfbrick.jetpack.input.cfg

I would like to be able to test my application fully with tilt etc, but im not sure what the process is for creating one of these input files.

Jun 16, 2013 - Aurora 2 is an Editor to generate the config mappings. Aurora 2 is capable to map gamepad input and also shake Bluestacks virtual device, it has sliding tab UI and some option to tweak Bluestacks App Player.

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So my question is:

How can I use tilt in Bluestack for Mac, for debugging and testing with eclipse?


How do I create a input CFG file in bluestack for development games



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I figured it out. I just created a new file and named it the same as the deafult classpath of my application and used the config as below. Seemed to work fine.


Aurora 2 is an Editor to generate the config mappings. See or


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Tencor Key Mapper Download

Ive been trying to setup Bluestack so I can play my phone Terraria saves on my computer with a mouse and keyboard. I own the PC version as well but I just want to use my Pc to renovate a big house as it should be faster with a keyboard and mouse. Ive found Aurora 2 and it was helpful but it has no more description on how to do more complicated inputs then bluestack itself. I've made one setup and it kinda works so I get the just I just don't undersatand a few small details. My current config file looks like this:

Now it all works and i can switch items or pause but is i try to use the dpad to walk left and down work because it's the edge of the screen but up and right do not. They both just center the joystick where i set the up and right buttons to. Now I know this is because of how the terraria touch stick works. You have to touch the screen for the joysticks to even show up (where ever you touch) and then drag in the direction you'd like to move. So how do I tell Bluestack to treat it as such? I know lots of touch games use this style of onscreen control so it should be do able but I can't find a description on how or any of the finer details of bluestack key mapping. These are parts of the Template bluestack gives you that I think may be related or I don't understand enough to know!

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After going through your file I have figured out the minute details. I too am stuck making a config for the game Sky Force 2014.

Mode specifies the tap or touch method. Further describes it.

I dont know anything more yet, I will try it further and let you know.


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