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Oct 31, 2012  Download Kitab-Kitab Islami KITAB TERJEMAH BAHASA INDONESIA. Izin download beberapa kitab. Daftar kitab kuning dengan terjemahan kata.

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Yellow book, in islamic religious education, refer to the books traditional which contains the islamic religious lessons (diraasah al-islamiyya) which is taught in islamic Boarding schools, ranging from fiqh, aqeedah, akhlaq/tasawwuf, Arabic grammar (`the science of nahw ' and `science sharf), hadeeth, tafseer, `uloom qur'aan, up to on social sciences and society (mu'amalah). Also known as the book of deforested because it has no harakat (fathah, kasrah, regulation, breadfruit), not like the book of Al-qur'an. Therefore, to be able to read the yellow book following the literal meaning of the sentence per sentence to be understood thoroughly, it takes time to learn a relatively long time.

A student was giving a translation on the yellow book
Most of the texts of the scholars of post-Khulafaa al-Rashideen written by using the Arabic without harakat, unlike the Qur'an in general. Because the purpose of the harakat Al-Quran is to help for people of non-arab and uniformity. While for people who master the grammar of the Arabic language then it can be easily read the sentence without the harakat. This then in Indonesia known as the Bald to distinguish it with the book marked with the harakat.

as for the mention of the term as the yellow Book, because it is these books the paper is colored yellow, this is due to the yellow color is considered to be more convenient and easy to read in circumstances that are dim. When the lighting is still limited in the past, especially in the villages, the students are accustomed to study at night with the lighting of a potluck. Although the lighting is now easy, book-the book is partly still manufactured using paper of yellow color following the tradition, although there are also that have been printed on colored paper white (HVS). Other reason is because of the age of paper that has the ancient who helped make the paper the longer it will turn yellow and become darker naturally, it is also mentioned when the first candle/lamp is not glowing white and it still is yellow colored paper white or yellow just the same will still look yellow, so when the yellow paper was more economical then the use of the yellow paper can ease the cost of mass production. Now in the modern era these Books have been converted to file this for me to be fail electronic books, for example chm or pdf. There is also computer software in the use of these books, namely Maktabah Syamila (Shameela) who also started the popular used among the santri pondok pesantren modern.

Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia Ke Arab

Free download kitab kuning

Clifford Geertz an anthropologist from the United States in his famous book entitled 'the Abangan, Santri, Priyayi In Javanese Society' (its original title The Religion of Java)[1] load a bit cheerful about the yellow book. There is also a book by Dutch researcher Martin van Bruinessen, entitled 'the Yellow Book, Pesantren, and Tarekat',[2] which discusses the history of the yellow book and traditional Islamic education in Indonesia.

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